2010: Moby Dick

2010: Moby Dick

That infamous whale is bigger, badder and a whole lot stronger in this sci-fi reimagining of Herman Melville’s classic tale of the battle between man, sea and sea creature starring “Xena” alum Rene O’Connor as the (traditionally male) narrator. But the boat — now a high-tech submarine — is also bigger, and Capt. Ahab is as determined as ever to settle the score and take down the mighty sea mammal that maimed him.

A modern adaptation of the classic novel of the captain of a high tech submarine and his obsessive quest to destroy the enormousprehistoric whale that maimed him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fong K (ca) wrote: The result of Live Schreiber's maiden attempt at directing is an uneven comedy, about illumination of the present in the light of the past, that is lightly funny and unfunnily goofy and awkwardly sentimental.

Keenan S (au) wrote: I should hate this film. In some ways I wanted to. It's considered to be among the worst films ever made, it's really stupid, it feels like a big budget version of a low budget 80's action film, it's utterly ludicrous, convoluted in its storytelling, and just plain idiotic. But...I still liked it for all these stupid reasons. It's pure trash, but it was fun trash to me. I had a blast with this ridiculous film since I enjoyed the action scenes, I thought the acting was okay, I liked the music, and I think it's a lot of fun overall. I like my trash and this film is among my prized pieces of trash now. I liked it, but most will not.

Jonathan D (us) wrote: Dramatic tension? You need a gun!

Anthony T (us) wrote: Clint Eastwood and his really big gun!

Johnson C (es) wrote: The message of antiwar.

Charles P (ca) wrote: Walter Matthau as a sixty year old James Bond-esque CIA spy put out to pasture? They talk about suspension of belief when watching something like Star Wars. But this! Matthau? Really?? He pulled it off but it's Walter Matthau!!!

Vanessa C (br) wrote: Camp served with a side of fierce fashion photography!

Dianna C (au) wrote: This is the second time I've watched this film, and I still find it just as wonderfully weird this second time around, very atmospheric and moving, love the parts where melancholy is present, it somehow screams loudly in its expression, although subtle and understated at the same time..Nice soundtrack too..

Jacquline G (br) wrote: Im a Fan of Leigh but this seemed like Scarlet in Egypt. It is a really good movie, but some of Cleopatra's dialog makes her seem extremely silly.

Daniel C (au) wrote: Subversive, sexually-charged, and very nearly a masterpiece - too bad about that studio-mandated happy ending.

Sgt C (ca) wrote: (55%)(contains spoilers) A somewhat more than reasonable drama looking at death and love in later life. With its strong cast it gets by a lot smoother than it would have, as really the story never develops into something overly interesting or engaging, or even that thought provoking. There's also issues with the making of Cain's character American, as his performance would have been more natural and less distracting in his native accent, also considering that there is no real reason for him to be American so it just feels like a self-inflicted misstep. The inclusion of Mr Morgan's offspring in the second half only partly works as they do bring another dimension to his character, but they are largely unlikeable, and the final few scenes involving his son's relationship with the lovely Clemence Poesy are even less convincing and if anything even more contrived than old man Morgan's. With that aside there is still a decent 70 odd minute movie to be found within this, and it's too well put together and quite sweet at times to be valueless.

Steve D (jp) wrote: The best sports movie ever made. Very funny for hockey fans and not fans alike