20th Century Boys 2: The Last Hope

20th Century Boys 2: The Last Hope

Childhood friends continue their battle against a dangerous cult.

Childhood friends continue their battle against a dangerous cult. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


20th Century Boys 2: The Last Hope torrent reviews

Julie K (ca) wrote: vi boa parte do filme, mas como estava trabalhando, no pude prestar ateno. diferente de qualquer filme feito no brasil, tem uma puta cara de filme alemo.

Pat M (br) wrote: not a super classic,but pleasing to watch.didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth cause it wasn't a sleeper nor idiotic-just smooth and decent.

Jacob M (ru) wrote: A pretty enjoyable coming of age comedy.

Luke R (es) wrote: I've given this movie a rating of 1.5, but don't get me wrong - this movie was horrible. The only thing that got me through this movie was the horrendous acting. HORRENDOUS. LAUGHABLE, even. In fact, I would recommend this film just for the amateurish acting (RIP Brittany Murphy) and poor overall production. It's so bad it's almost good. Almost. Wow.

Frances H (au) wrote: Interesting look at how Hollywood works behind the scenes. The three different hypothetical solutions angle was a good concept.

Scott R (ru) wrote: One of the best underrated movies of all time. Ron Howard makes you feel like you knew what the Great Depression was actually like for people going through it. Paul Giamati is great in a supporting role.

Kate H (jp) wrote: It's something you have to be a certain frame of mind to want to watch as well as properly appreciate. There's no plot, really, just an intermingling of different people living in a hotel for artists and how their art and themselves interact with others. Certainly something that helps a great deal when you have writer's block

Armando B (de) wrote: Great start to the movie but the end is extremely stale, the director seemed satisfied to show they had a movie about a bunch of cats flying trough the streets than an actual plot, but Robert Deniro and Jean Reno earned their paycheck on this one. It haded plenty of action, and the best part some good twist to keep you guessing. So for this being a solid movie, with a good solid cast as well, I give "Ronin"a C.

Cline D (ru) wrote: Not as good as "Saturday night fever", but not bad.

Jack P (gb) wrote: A savagely harsh and gripping film about the Russian revolution. Chilling, real and bleak. A unique beast from the silent era.

Austin G (nl) wrote: The comedic and romantic chemistry between Timberlake and Kunis help make this film what it is: watchable.

Joe W (ca) wrote: Not great movie but not an awful one. Has it's fair share of funny moments. A bit more brutal then I would (Yes they kill zombie kids) have imagined a movie starring Elijah Wood would be but I still found it entertaining.