21 Hours at Munich

21 Hours at Munich

A dramatization of the incident in 1972 when Arab terrorists broke into the Olympic compound in Munich and murdered 11 Israeli athletes.

A dramatization of the incident in 1972 when Arab terrorists broke into the Olympic compound in Munich and murdered 11 Israeli athletes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


21 Hours at Munich torrent reviews

Jimmy L (us) wrote: Okay story line, but terrible acting by everyone except for Mamrie Hart.

Keith L (ca) wrote: Well done look into 'just another business dispute' between the AMA and the Chiropractic profession. Pretty apparent where allies are to be found even in the 'objectivity' of documentary review. Go see it for yourself and make your own decision.

Pawan Shrivastava T (ru) wrote: content is good...Execution is bad..........

Kaylee or K (ag) wrote: bad on a whole new scale, bad acting, bad effect, bad story, Even worse Sub plots and TERRIBLE filming style, shot on a hald held camera or just a really cheap camera. Awful on the highest scale!

Teri F (nl) wrote: Wow, we're left with a cliff-hanger of an ending. As far as I know, it's still an on going investigation that I hope will one day be resolved.

Mackie L (ca) wrote: The story of one of America's greatest presidents. If you have not seen this movie I suggest you do, it will open your eyes to all the decisions that Harry S. Truman had to make and all the challenges he faced. Gary Sinise did an amazing job in protraying the feeling and frustrations and sorrows of being the president during world war two.

gary t (ag) wrote: wow umn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch.............its got a good cast of actors/actresses thorughout this movie....i think that barbara hershey, kurtwood smith, steve reeves, tom berenger, steve reevis play good roles/parts throughout this movie.....i think that the director of this adventure/drama movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie........i think that barbara hersey/kurtwood smith/tom berenger were great throguhout this movie.........i think that this is a good adventure movie 2 watch with a good cast thorughout this movie

Ryan H (ag) wrote: Despite its deficiencies, Shattered is actually a pretty entertaining film. It boasts a great cast and it's always nice to see Pierce Brosnan in anything, especially as a villain. Certain sections are way too over the top and can tip to just plain cheesy but the story is fast-paced and there several twists, a few that are good and a few that are predictable. Basically, this is a good movie to check out and it is a fun ride where not too much thought is involved. Even though this didn't get a wide release there is a lot worse stuff released these days than this thriller. Overall, I recommend renting it but not to expect too much from a rather elementary script. Maria Bello looks gorgeous as always if you need extra motivation and she can actually act to go along with her beauty.

Richard M (it) wrote: Watched this again on the Christmas Movie Channel. What a shock and example of how time changes perception of what is funny!Not only did we have the Twin Towers as a stark reminder of recent horrific events we also had the hilarious Eddie Murphy being referred to as s 'Nigger' and stereo typed as naturally a criminal. A very funny film at the time and I remembered enjoying it a lot. But boy times have changed for the better.

Jennifer R (ag) wrote: same as the other two

Walter M (br) wrote: Directed by Hal Ashby, "Bound for Glory" is less a biopic of Woody Guthrie(David Carradine, in perhaps his best performance) than an origin story, set mostly in 1936. And I know you're thinking that I should cut back on the comic books if I put a reference like that in a review for a highly evocative movie about the legendary folk singer that has quite a lot to say about artistic integrity and the standard definition of success. But Woody Guthrie was much more than just a simple musician. He was a hero to millions of people, especially the poor and destitute, who worked for long hours and low wages when they could find any employment at all. We should remember that he started out as just another underemployed man during the height of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl in rural Texas, attempting to support his family with odd jobs like sign painting, playing in a band, and even giving a try at being a local pundit. So, like many other people, he struck out for California, leaving his wife(Melinda Dillon) and children behind until he could send for them, hitchhiking and riding the rails, meeting and talking with other people while seeing the country first hand, where violence was always a possibility.

Heli H (jp) wrote: En yritkkn arvostella englanniksi. Vlill uskomattoman pitkveteinen. Lopussa seisoi kiitos, kun Neuvostoliitto vei aatteensa Marsiin asti. Svellyksist pidin paljon, vaikkeivat aina oikein osuneetkaan yhteen kuvan kanssa.