2/11 Het spel van de wolf

2/11 Het spel van de wolf

2 November 2004, shortly before nine in the morning. In The Hague, the report comes in that in Amsterdam Theo van Gogh has been murdered. All warning bells start ringing. With the country in flames, sometimes literally, politicians and officials in The Hague have to neutralise all sorts of known and unknown stings, and just when Van Gogh’s cremation seems to herald a period of relative peace, a second explosion follows: the attack on the Hofstad Network in the Laakkwartier in The Hague. A reconstruction of nine days of political high tension and flying dust, a decade after the assassination of the trendsetting filmmaker and TV presenter.

The conspiracy: the killing of Theo van Gogh. What was the role of the dutch politics, secret service(AIVD) and the press? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee P (mx) wrote: I enjoyed this second Jack Reacher film starring Tom Cruise about a former military cop who solves serious crimes. This movie was adapted from Lee Child's 18th novel "Never Go Back" (2013); saw this in Vmax Dolby Atmos. 2nd viewing 8/10 Rev 406

Holly W (us) wrote: Terrible!!! Actors were awkward! Poorly written and painful to watch!

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Zachary Y (ru) wrote: Jim Jarmusch's masterpiece conveying his trademark themes of unwanted visitors and the monotony of life. A model for his other recent triumph, Only Lovers Left Alive.

Kyle B (us) wrote: A really strong coming of age movie with a wonderful screenplay, ensemble performances, cinematography, and music. This came out the same year as The Last Picture Show that is lauded more for being a great coming of age movie but I feel this one is stronger than that movie.

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Amanda R (ca) wrote: Jimmy Stewart and Ginger Rogers... It's a cute little gem of a romantic comedy with solid performances (as expected) and some pretty witty dialogue.

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