22 Bullets

22 Bullets

Charly Matteï has turned his back on his life as an outlaw. For the last three years, he's led a peaceful life devoting himself to his wife and two children. Then, one winter morning, he's left for dead in the parking garage in Marseille's Old Port, with 22 bullets in his body. Against all the odds, he doesn't die...

Retired gangster Charlie Matteï embarks on a violent quest for revenge after being left for dead with 22 bullets in his body by his former childhood friend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah C (au) wrote: interesting idea... but after awhile it looses steam

Stephen T (nl) wrote: Another winning movie set in Russia. A worker in a nuclear plant, of the usual unsafe Russian design, is caught in an accidental radioactive steam leak. He is isolated behind sealed doors and sees his comrades look at him and walk away. When the event is over he is showered and his dosimeter badge is taken. He is told that his exposure is survivable but the ultimate blame is laid on him rather than the faulty design and protocols. He is now home with his wife and child with no job, no income, and a suspicion that he is being lied to. He finds his original dosimeter badge and sees that he has received a lethal level of exposure. Again, a Russian is dealt a deadly hand. Soon his body begins to fall apart. His hands need to be bandaged. His appearance is frightening. True to form, he hatches a plan to steal some Plutonium 239 and sell it on the black market so that his family will be able to survive without him. Nothing left to lose. The theft itself is a little hard to believe, but when we see this poor dying man going out into an open air market with a cardboard sign reading merely "Pu239" we step into the other world. Our logical western minds shy away and say that this cannot be happening. This man is accosted by a street thug who thinks he controls the local market. Best line of the whole movie is when the thug asks our hero "What is Pooh?" What follows is a classic story of desperation, ignorance, greed, and simple stupidity. As westerners we might find this movie as being highly improbable, but as a Russian I can vouch for the reality and anguish of this film. By viewing it, Americans can maybe appreciate how dangerous the world we live in is without the added artificial threat levels being screamed at us everyday by our 'leaders'. By viewing foreign films such as this we can begin to be citizens of the world and realize that "they" are just like "us".

Roger G (kr) wrote: Emily's mom runs away from life and stops in Vegas to find another which is just a bad as the one she left because she chooses to make it that way. It affects her daughter who has tried to help her but is unable to stop the drunkenness. So, after her mom commits suicide, Emily starts down the same path, but stops short of death. A teen movie about teens, for teens, with teens, who have a horrible life, so they think, because their parent has a horrible life. If you've got nothing else to do, watch this time waster.

Christine D (kr) wrote: An ok storyline. It was kind of dull in parts but overall not bad.

Samuel M (it) wrote: 90s b-action at its finest.

Brendan N (br) wrote: bad team up, this film was disappointing for mel gibson

BMovie N (mx) wrote: Sometimes a quote can recommend a movie more than my insufficient words: "You rat soup eatin' honkey muthafuckah!"

Derek A (it) wrote: An engaging musical comedy.

Scott C (ca) wrote: Martin Campbell directed this?! Wow! This was a weird little sic-fi flick. Didn't really do it for me.

Joshua F (jp) wrote: This movie never gets old. A perfect Christmas movie!

Daryl K (gb) wrote: The weakest of the original 'Apes' series; I contend, because its television movie-like budget actually hinders delivering a more satisfying conclusion. Roddy McDowall's "Caesar" is still interesting, and many of the themes here are as well.