22 June 1897

22 June 1897

Due to a plague epidemic in Pune, the British Government deputes C.W. Rand as Chairman of the Special Plague Committee, empowering him to do whatever is necessary to control the menace. Rand's heavy handed measures deeply offend local sensibilities, driving a group of angry youngsters to assassinate him and Lt. Charles Ayerst- the first outbreak of revolutionary activities in British India.

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Private U (kr) wrote: Great movie! Keeps you interested the entire time!

Mayank F (de) wrote: omg is entertainment at its best.......but storytelling can never be called its strong point. paresh rawal is a gem, akshay makes god believable nd mithun's gay saint is worth a watch.

Sam B (gb) wrote: A wildly uneven movie with so much actual good in it. Dennis Hopper gives a raw performance as a damaged soldier back from Vietnam to transport another solder's body home. It is frequently effective in creating a nightmare-like atmosphere with its jump cutting and shaky cinematography as Hopper travels across country on a train full of aggressive weirdos.

Denise W (es) wrote: This sounds cute... and like it may have a good message, too :)

Erin C (ru) wrote: I was interested in seeing this movie because I read excerpts of the book (which was very entertaining). Unfortunately, the movie was not very good. Buckley is super hot though, so he was nice to look at.

Atle L (au) wrote: Nothing much to tell. It held quite little. Spiritual film? Hah.

Scott R (ru) wrote: A little over the top, but manages to capture the working class Bronx. I watched it for that aspect, the Italian Bronx is a gem.

Paul N (au) wrote: This is not a good movie. It's not even a good movie about pool. Heavy editing on the shots all but obliterates the ability to actually see any of them from start to finish, leaving one with the impression that nobody is actually shooting any pool and making any balls.The acting at times is good, with the exception of Alison Eastwood, who could have easily had a pool cue stand in for her. I have no idea if she's this wooden in all of her films or if this was a special exception. Christopher Walken is quirky as usual but also rather restrained. His character added an interesting element to the film that probably could have been used much more effectively. Plot line is very predictable, and has plenty of massive-sized holes in it. Why does it take Joe so long to find Johnny? How is it that Joe thinks that he can pistol-whip a local drug kingpin and still walk the streets to live for very many more days? Why is it that a hot-shot up-and-coming lawyer sees no issues with the love of her life involved in a mangled triangle with vengeful and vaguely dangerous ex-managers and an entire gang full of shot-gun toting drug dealers? But far and away the biggest anomaly in this film is the bathroom in the pool hall. I've played in many pool halls and pool bars and have never seen a bathroom as spacious or nicely appointed. Truly. All that being said, it still makes me want to go out and shoot some pool tonight. Maybe that's enough for Mars Callahan. But if that were really his goal, he could have saved a lot of time and money on a much shorter and better flick.

M K (fr) wrote: This movie was a complete atrocity.

Hawk (jp) wrote: Really loved this movie. It's kinda trashy in a way and totally stuck in the 90s but it's totally endearing in this way. A few scenes are completely animated and while this has since been revealed to be due to filming mistakes, the transiition totally works and makes the film even more endearing. A good chunk of the film features talking Kangaroos, if that doesn't appeal to you, then this is probably not a film worth seeking out, but for everyone else it is a really good time.

Euan P (br) wrote: Loved this film. Glad it didnthappen to me before my wedding. Martin Clunes is an excellent actorfor the role.

Muffin M (ru) wrote: Jim Brannigan is sent to London to bring back an American mobster who is being held for extradition, but when he arrives he has been kidnapped which was set up by his lawyer. Brannigan in his American Irish way brings American law to the people of Scotland Yard in order to recapture this mobster with both a price tag on his head and a stuffy old London cop to contend with. stars John Wayne, Mel Ferrer, Judy Geeson, Richard Attenborough, John Vernon, Daniel Pilon, John Stride, James Booth and Del Henney. directed by Douglas Hickox.

Donnie D (kr) wrote: On the heels of Mia Farrow's "Rosemary's Baby" & Dustin Hoffman's "Midnight Cowboy" (with Jon Voight) this story about two people who end up realizing they don't really know much about each other, is an awesome perspective. The point of view is so close to home it's actually scary. It's safe for the guys like me who like guy movies because there are no real 'chick flick' themes, plus i'm a big fan of both actors so that makes the 'medicine' go down even better. This is an interesting and entertaining film for those who have experienced similar situations as well as those who haven't. (4 out of 5 stars 9/2/2010 6:32 pm Eastern)

Adam M (au) wrote: It's not a perfect movie; and it's not a movie that strives for a type of perfection that's easily recognizable. The plot has disposed of all classical symmetry, yet there are many moments of classical authority in the shot set-ups and staging, an approach that feels unsettling when applied to a horror movie about deviance and perversion -- the camera is so much more clinical and relaxed about things than you are. The way the plot follows the character and not the other way around earns the movie its two-hour running time. You're curious what the psycho is going to do next, and feel more and more that even he doesn't know, to his own detriment, doing constant violence to audience expectations. He has a master plan that is meant to satisfy both his pure hate for his stepfather and his obsessive infatuation with the pure ideal of young womanhood he sees in Hayley Mills (-- at a a time in her life when she evidently had an amazing body). Poured into this tainted mixture is his general lust for women that leaves him feeling either too strong or too vulnerable, the entertainment he gets from manipulating every human being with whom he comes in contact, narcissistic regression, the righteous indignation he carries against the world for finding it easy to reject his retarded brother, and of course pure male ego.Although the movie is from 1968, it decides to use the older technique of innuendo in the dialogue to such an extreme that it ends up talking about a variety of social issues and perverse desires a more explicit movie would not be able to bring together without falling apart and turning into a bullet list of the filmmakers' prurient ideas. Billie Whitelaw is playing young and old, mother and vamp, modern and traditional, lust and ice, patrician and shopgirl, perverse and normal, self-honest and pitiably unaware all at the same time.

Sara P (us) wrote: Beautiful remake of Rashamon....See it

Robert A (us) wrote: This makes zombies (or zombie like people) more plausible, which blew my mind a little. In this film people are getting something close to rabies. Never thought about that before. Zombies sounds like fiction but someone with rabies sounds like reality. Isn't that weird. I found this movie to be pretty enjoyable. It has has an apocalyptic movie feel and also a zombie movie feel, I tend to usually like those feels, when done well. Hahahah.

Karen H (de) wrote: 2017-01-13 watched fir second time. Still 2*