23-F: la película

23-F: la película


The failed coup d'état of February 23, 1981, which began with the capture of the Congress of Deputies and ended with the release of parliamentarians, put at serious risk the Spanish democracy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Banjo K (jp) wrote: Has good new characters, very scary, good acting but some of the characters are annoying.

Russell T (ru) wrote: Watched this on the plane to LA. Very interesting main theme with the theft of a series of paintings from the Isabella Gardner Museum in Boston, but the sub story, with voiceovers of Isabella and her buyer (who I couldn't help thinking must have done very well out of the whole arrangement) got a bit much, and I was wishing for the remote control to fast forward through those segments by the end. The detective was a very interesting character. Would have liked to have heard more about him. Wait for the DVD and rent. You won't watch it more than once, but it's worth taking a couple hours out to watch.

Hobbie D (ca) wrote: A good movie... despite the fact that Kellie's brother told us the ending before we went to see it... plus kristen stewart is purtty

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