24 cuadros de terror

24 cuadros de terror


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Megan N (it) wrote: Great actors except for the lead female, she's so annoying!

Pache V (jp) wrote: Love Rachel Leigh Cook...It was a little too much with the whole priest thing.

Scott C (jp) wrote: Not as good as 'Corman's World' or 'Not Quite Hollywood', 2 docs it heavily resembles.

Dustin B (mx) wrote: How easy would it have been to film the girls pretending to be scared while some guy in a janitor's outfit chased them around? They came up with something much cooler than that.

Sakari S (kr) wrote: Why do I keep watching these crappy movies?

Isla B (ca) wrote: The star is only for the brief appearance by the Damon.

Mirko B (it) wrote: Dalibor Matanic's best vehicle so far. A well-off woman(O. Pakalovic) is talking to a policeman in her sleek Zagreb flat about the abduction of her son. She tells him about her passionate affair from the past with the girl(N. Violic) which was murdered by their landlord's disturbed son. The characters were inspired by types of people typical for post-war Croatia( a disturbed PTSP patient, an overprotective mother, conservative neighbors...) and it's definitely recommendable. If you're into happy ends, make a pass on this.

David H (br) wrote: A medicore Adaption of the Littleton Amok Run who draw to simple Picture of the Happenings but is entertaining and Uwe Boll shows his Faible for Humaliation

Alexey F (gb) wrote: A campus love story, Hartleian and a little Hartlesque in essence.

Alex S (de) wrote: Santa Sangre is, at this point, Jodorowsky's best movie in my opinion. He has a knack for putting in seemingly pointless scenes, but in this film makes every scene mean something and count. The movie is a visual spectacle along with a philosophical character study resulting in an engaging, strange, and entertaining viewing experience.

Jos M (us) wrote: Adele es una mujer que ama de forma obsesiva a un hombre que no la corresponde, adems de tener la carga de ser la hija del famoso Vctor Hugo. Apasionada pelcula de Truffaut.

Christopher S (gb) wrote: Director Ken Russell brings his trademark histrionic energy and visual flair to infuse riveting life into what could easily have been another stodgy English costume drama. The principal cast is made up of some of England's very best at their very best. A number of classic sequences, even if the final act does drag on a bit too long. Russell would go on to make even more powerful films, but this is perhaps the first time he worked to his full potential.

Rainer K (au) wrote: To make things clear. This is NOT a bad film, I enjoyed it in some way, but it won't become one of my favourites (and I doubt that further viewings will change my opinion). Kiss Me Deadly is a film, I'm glad I can remove it from "the list" and that I've seen it (it has some film historical significance after all), and my rating shows that it's still recommendable viewing, but it's just nothing too special.What really hurt the film most was Ralph Meeker's shallow screen presence. I think there's a good reason I've never heard of him before seeing this film. He's just no (insert name of classic Noir star) and the various pretty faces appear and disappear or die without doing much for me or the story.By the way, maybe I wasn't paying attention as much as usual, but I could hardly follow the plot. Afterwards, I checked on some summaries, but I didn't really miss anything, just while and shortly after I've finished it, I had the feeling something was missing. This happens sometimes with films that don't dissolve all their mysteries and for most parts I like this (generally, I like convoluted and complicated plots) but somehow, the way Kiss Me Deadly proceeded didn't work for me so well.Anyways, it's a classic noir, with all clichs we love about the genre (slapping, shooting, femme fatales, drunk driving,...), a HUGE final twist and an almost ridiculous McGuffin (so influential though, that it was even referenced in Pulp Fiction).Generally, I found it pretty funny (actually, a bit too funny for a serious film) - there were a bunch of scenes that made me giggle unintentionally, but that's common among 50s in general and noir in particular (these clichs I've spoken of are part of it - and I'm kinda looking forward to those scenes that will definitely appear some time while watching).

Robert R (es) wrote: As cheesy as it may be, "Stir Of Echoes" manages to conjure up a general sense of suspense, as well as a committed performance from Kevin Bacon.