24 Exposures

24 Exposures

Billy is a fetish photographer whose models begin to turn up dead. Michael, a melancholic cop, is tasked with investigating him.

In this sexy thriller a photographer who specializes in erotic photo shoots is suspected of murder when one of his models is found dead. Starring the creators of 'You're Next.' . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Drew R (jp) wrote: Wasn't too long or too boring, it just kind was. I was pleased with the actors I didn't know, love Max (Schmidt from New Girl!) and think this was Aubrey Plaza's best role acting-wise because she showed a bit more depth than playing Julie in Scott Pilgrim, a zombie in Life After Beth, or a highschool sexer in To Do List. I love her. However, she and Max aren't the leads so there wasn't enough of them for me! I did like what it had to say about relationships in the social media age. An average film that wanted to be more and could have been had the emotions run a bit stronger through the second act.

Andres G (it) wrote: All in this movie breaths reality.

Mlissa A (fr) wrote: on aurait dit une bonne mission du canal d...j'ai toujours aimer ces trucs la, donc voila ! (ca donne pas le gout davoir des enfants !)

Ian B (br) wrote: It's weird but by the end my mind was blown.

WeiThye L (fr) wrote: D:5 C:5 S:4 VE:5 M:5

Gerardo M (mx) wrote: Muy buena mubi... sobre una amistad de unas - pues - putas. Esta era una de las peliculas que tengo desde hace rato y no puedo verlas por el tiempo, pero debo decirles que SI vale la pena. Cuenta la "realidad" de dos prostituta, una espaola y otra dominicana, que viven su oficia con alegrias y penas, sin dejar a un lado su lado humano, con suenos y esperanzas.Cinematograficamente muy buena, como toda pelicula espanola... aunque, no se si sere yo o que, pero el audio siempre es malo jaja... las actuaciones muy muy buenas, y el soundtrack con Manu Chao le peg.La verdad la recomiendo bastante, un drama muy real para comprender a estas prostitutas, que nunca dejarn de ser mujeres y por eso sonaran que son princesas.

Justin B (mx) wrote: Sloppy, unveven but well meaning family film.

Jian G (kr) wrote: Silent Deadly Night 2 should be considered a metonym for utter contempt towards film. This desultory movie has outright disdain for its creation and all those who watch it. It's driven by an incomplete idea that evidently doesn't pass for a plot as half the film, in one of the most pathetic efforts in film history, is spent recapping the events from the first film using the same exact footage! Several parts of the film are testimonies the filmmakers aren't concerned about anything other than getting an adequate running time for an inadequate film: unimportant scenes are dragged on for minutes, the entire cast from the original are included in the closing credits. Other parts of the film defy the storyline itself as the scene when the main characters go to a movie theater and are watching the first Silent Deadly Night after the movie has shamelessly wasted it's time by insisting the events have occurred. The portion of the film which isn't recycled footage of the first is amusing schlock with absurd effects, situations, dialogue, and performances (Eric Freeman's egregious acting, oddball mannerisms, smirks, and dancing eyebrows is flat out hilarious). Silent Deadly Night 2's careless assembly amounts to it being a sloppy mess with not enough original footage to suffice as a sequel or laughably bad film. The celluloid might as well have been used for toilet paper, it is a total dump on cinema. (Zero Stars)

drain b (de) wrote: an amazing book,an amazing cast,and.. amazingly boring. it has its up moments,but they are far inbetween and few. i still cant believe that even with Vincent Price,Peter Cushing,Christopher Lee,and Thee John Carradine,all under one roof,this film still manages to fail..dont get me wrong,they did superb performances,its just that the screenplay is lacking.. i think. i dont know,dont listen to me..it still should be required viewing for all horror enthusiasts...but be forewarned,be prepared...to fall asleep!

Carreh R (gb) wrote: Beyond all the cinematic breakthroughs and importance of this film the main thing that struck me while watching was how cool it is. From Jean Paul Belmondo as Michel, in his shades, hat, tie and tweed jacket to Jean Seberg with her short hair cut the film just breathes coolness and it's timeless.

Colin G (nl) wrote: The film is a little unfocused. Grant is playing a character that is not charming, which is interesting. Hepburn, a woman partly responsible for women being allowed to wear pants, is pretty awesome and takes part in one of cinema's first lesbian kisses. Other than a for a few moments, the film is quite forgettable.

Juli N (fr) wrote: The perfect mood setter for Halloween!

AD V (gb) wrote: Its been many a year since I last saw this T & A romp and apparently I saw it alot more than I realized because not only could I quote the movie here and there I actually found myself singing the theme song. Its the epitome of 80's sleeze in a purely fun way. There were even a few surprises this time 'round: Kane Hodder plays a small role called 'Older Geek' and he was a stunt coordinator. Kathleen Kinmont plays a hot, hot skater. And the song Party Time mostly known from Return of the Living Dead is in the film twice.