24 Hour Playboy

24 Hour Playboy

Nagashima is a playboy who refuses to be tied down by marriage. Suffering from insomnia recently, he is eager to find a glamorous girl who can make him fall asleep. He leaves his tiresome girlfriend Mari, and soon finds himself trapped in dangerous triple liaisons involving two nightclub hostesses and a dewy-eyed girl. When all three of them start pestering him about marriage, Nagashima makes up his mind to flee…

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24 Hour Playboy torrent reviews

Andrew D (it) wrote: No words other than the following two can do this movie justice: "Watch it" !

Rebecca V (br) wrote: This movie is so good I want to fall asleep and dream about it forever

Laura H (ru) wrote: T oli virkistv leffa. Ksikameraa ja kauniita nuoria miehi.

J K (mx) wrote: Look, Yul Brenner has risen! He looks really good!

Adam M (br) wrote: Charming, beautiful, funny, sad, amazing. One of my all-time favorite films.

Ryan F (gb) wrote: Gets a star if you want to laugh at a movie. Just all around bad.

Gregory W (au) wrote: weird 70's actioner that hasn't held up too well

Augustina S (us) wrote: Poses interesting ethical questions and shows the human side of a medical diagnosis. Davis is just superb as this character, and it is quite a departure from her later roles involving sassy, bitter and headstrong women (she is light and bubbly here by comparison). I found it to be very charming and romantic and quite sad towards the end. I only wish Davis' character was a bit more developed, as this does veer into melodrama. Overall, though, an enjoyable watch.

Marielle L (es) wrote: It has it's moments,but it's not scary or imaginative enough where it needs to be,nor is it realistic enough where it needs to be. Half a star just because he looks the part of a killer,and that's it. Don't spend money on this,it's a waste.

rob l (ag) wrote: Brilliant. No car chases, no superheroes, wonderful madness. Sets, wardrobe, casting spot on.

Steve B (au) wrote: Reminds me of Very Bad Things by way of Suicide Kings. Good, suspenseful fun.

Miguel R (fr) wrote: Stuart Little is a poor family film with useless laughs and a horrible script

Connor A (au) wrote: Good for a couple of shocks and laughs, but doesn't utilise the value of its own ridiculousness enough to be fully entertaining.