24 Hours

24 Hours

Set in 1913, 1936 and 2001. When he returns to the casino and seaside resort of his early teens, Louis, a 78 year old man encounters Olivia, a 19 year old young woman madly in love with a violent cad. Louis tells the story of his own mother having a passionate, driven fling with his Italian tennis instructor in 1936, and of Marie Collins Brown, the slightly older widowed woman who helped him through his confusion and pain by recounting the story of her passionate 24 hour fling with a hopeless young Polish gambler in 1913.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:Croatian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:number in title,  

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24 Hours torrent reviews

Victor L (ca) wrote: Saw at CIFF. The original title is much better than the translation, but i guess there's no real good way to do so. The relationship and interaction between the two men has is quite interesting to watch.

Nicholas M (de) wrote: This movie is a joke.

Bex e (de) wrote: Absolutely fantastic - a must see!!! The acting involved is superb

Sylvia A (ru) wrote: This was a good movie who hasn't had a friend they thought was their best friend and turned out they were not.

Joshua L (kr) wrote: its pretty wacky and not at alll what I expected. It plays out like a cartoon show. I loved the music and I appreciate the film 4 trying 2 be different.

Jonny P (ag) wrote: "Coneheads" is exactly what you expect it to be. While it isn't the highest quality film, it is perfect for a few braindead Sunday afternoon laughs. The best part of the film is the endless string of comedian cameos: David Spade, Chris Farley, Sinbad, Michael Richards, Adam Sandler, Jason Alexander, Drew Carey, Ellen, Dave Thomas, John Lovitz, and more! Even the fact that nobody ever questions the shape of these aliens' heads is a hilarious social commentary on how political correctness has taken over the world. While it is good for a few laughs, "Coneheads" is still dumb. The acting is about as good as you would expect from robotic-speaking aliens and there isn't really any character development. The story takes an interesting turn as we actually get to see the planet of Remulak, but it's all very predictable. I probably wouldn't watch "Coneheads" again, but it was worth seeing once.

Ashleigh S (es) wrote: I loved everything about this movie. Such passion and love for ethical journalism has hopefully not been lost on anchors today.

Tina S (au) wrote: Just waiting for one "Great Scott!" from Christopher Klingon.

Siri B (kr) wrote: Another movie I remember the title of but not much else. Most probably it wasn't very good.

Andrew B (ru) wrote: Had the feeling i saw it before

cli o (fr) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Gabriel A (br) wrote: You Only Live Twice o quinto filme da franquia James Bond baseando no romance homnimo de Ian Fleming, Bond volta ao cinema depois do grande sucesso de Goldfinger e Thunderball. Lewis Gilbert dirige esse clssico de ao britnico com roteiro adaptado de Roald Dahl e Harold Jack Bloom. Aps o sequestro de uma nave norte-americana, os Estados Unidos acusam os soviticos de boicote ao seu programa espacial. A narrativa inicial fantstica e promete sobrepujar seus antecessores, mas a argumentao cai bruscamente no intuito de inserir armas mirabolantes com cenas de ao toscas.Numa conferncia entre o Reino Unido, a URSS e os EUA, o representante dos Estados Unidos d um ultimato contra a URSS. Porm, os britnicos no acreditam que foram os soviticos que sequestraram a nave, afirmando que viram que a nave sequestradora tinha aterrissado no Japo. Assim, o Reino Unido decide enviar James Bond vivido por Sean Connery, para o territrio e averiguar o caso, a fim de evitar uma guerra mundial entre as duas potncias. O filme ainda traz Akiko Wakabayashi como Aki, uma aliada de Bond e agente de Tigre, Mie Hama como Kissy Suzuki, tambm aliada de Bond e agente de Tigre e Donald Pleasence como Ernst Stavro Blofeld, o chefe da SPECTRE que tenta eclodir uma guerra mundial. Apesar de algumas cenas bizarras esse ate agora o melhor filme da serie.

Matthew S (kr) wrote: I surprisingly enjoyed this a bit,What a miracle,Pros,Kylie Rogers as the cancer girl,that was mean,ummm wtf is her name,let me look it up,Anna,ok,Anna,Martin Henderson,as the father,lot of people hated that performance but I liked ok,the directing is heaven,jk but edleast it wasn't hell,cons,Jennifer Garner,very sappy and chappy,and loud,that's it,but the movie can be boring,also Queen Latifah was sassy and hilarious,

Zoran S (mx) wrote: Surprisingly good. Lang elevates the generic material nicely.