24 Nights

24 Nights

When Jonathan Parker was 4 years old, his mother's words and a chance encounter with a Salvation Army Kris Kringle instilled in him a lifelong belief in the legend of Santa Claus. Now 24 and his parents long passed away, Jonathan is a spacey, pot-smoking college drop-out and multi loser in romance who has one shot left to find his true love; he writes a letter to Santa Claus. After meeting Toby, a new co-worker just moved to the city, Jonathan is convinced this is the one who was sent for him, even after he meets Toby's long time boyfriend Keith. This doesn't deter Jonathan, who proceeds to wreck everyone's lives in pursuit of his dream man. Fighting snags, traps and pitfalls to Christmas Day, will Jonathan land his Christmas wish?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:student,   guilt,   parade,  

When Jonathan Parker was 4 years old, his mother's words and a chance encounter with a Salvation Army Kris Kringle instilled in him a lifelong belief in the legend of Santa Claus. Now 24 ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Foong M (ru) wrote: It is relatively a good story reflecting the real woman trying to look for "love" in a transactional relationship, of course she wont get it. The way the story illustrated and the actors are really awesome!

Jessica H (nl) wrote: Binder does it again in the wrose possible way.

Steve R (mx) wrote: Kitana Baker - Zak, why exactly am I wearing a g-string bikini?Zak Penn: -Because you are a model and you're a sonar operator.A scream for those who will get it.It??s been said that the best people are those with the ability to poke fun at themselves. That being said, German director Werner Herzog gives a commanding performance as himself in this mocumentary about Herzog leading a team to discover the Loch Ness monster.Some background: Herzog is famous for filming not only documentaries but features with a constant theme of man verses the elements and his filming style is about full immersion. They are legendary for what they achieved (hauling a steamboat over a mountain in the Andes, hiring native peoples for actors, intentionally stranding the cast and crew in the jungle for films, etc.)Accordingly, the movie is about Herzog making a documentary but being undercut at every turn by producer Zak Penn who is trying to make Herzog??s film something they never are; commercially viable.With everyone playing themselves, the filming lurches from disaster to disaster but Herzog is not easily fazed. Think of Lost in La Mancha with a very tongue in cheek attitude.Herzog steals the show with his suspicions that either something is up that he can??t figure it out or knows it and wants to make the live of his producer hell because Herzog has been through worse.The humor is subtle and requires a bit of knowledge about Herzog and his films but it is not necessary. My wife had never seen any of his films and was laughing her head off. The best part is one of the deleted scenes where the crew is going to die on the boat. A cameraman makes his final plea to the camera as does Kitana Baker (one of the catfight girls from a Bud ad years ago). Herzog sit, stares into the camera, and declares, after the previous people have poured their hearts out, that he is not going to die on this boat in an exactingly deadpan manner.Not for everyone but I liked it. When I look back, and I hear people talk about what suffering, I say to myself, "Who suffered more than I did"? I mean, other than the people who died. I mean, obviously, they suffered more because, well, they're dead. But, you could make the argument that they're dead, so they're not really dealing with it, whereas I live with the guilt, and I live with the sadness. - Zak Penn

jodie l (br) wrote: hilarious and touching antonio did an amazing job...two bad for mel g

Justin A (jp) wrote: An extremely dark comedy that takes many unexpected twists and turns. The movie is very funny and also works as a pretty good satire on high school life and social cliques. Winona Ryder does a commendable job and this movie is well worth checking out.

Emile H (gb) wrote: Viewers may not know whether or not this film is worth turning off brain cells for this film, because this is more than just a typical 80's action film, it's a roller coaster. The increasing non-stop action in this movie it's meant to rank high on destruction force, not blood count. Yet with all of that - albeit exaggerated - it has so much heart. Sylvester Stallone has serious acting chops in this movie. You see John Rambo as the gears shift in his head constantly as the situation he's in gets worse. The monologue where he breaks down is probably the most emotional an action hero has been, and above all may seem personal to a lot of those who served. While the premise seems highly unbelievable, it is worth watching to not only enjoy as an action film but also be aware of the true feelings it's portraying.

Wahida K (gb) wrote: One of the weak and worst part of Sinbad.

William W (jp) wrote: This was excellent. My son's 13th birthday, and I treated myself afterwards to a really fun and engaging Spaghetti Western.

Konstantine S (mx) wrote: Begins with two important lessons: Actresses, never trust a 9pm private casting call, and everyone else, don't trust actresses. Unrelated: Evelyn Keyes is too sexy for 1953.


Sherry L (es) wrote: Starring great character actors; Barbara Stanwyck and George Sanders, shot by Roy Rowland (Our Vines Have Tender Grapes), I actually expected slightly more of this. Stanwyck plays an artist, Cheryl Draper, who, through her window, witness her neighbor, Albert Richter, killing a young woman. She calls the police, but they find nothing suspicious in his house that could testify that there has been a crime committed. So the result is that the police believes Cheryl is mad, and they won't take her seriously even after when she claims that Mr. Richter is persecuting her. Stanwyck is doing her usual "hysterically afraid woman, being persecuted by criminal, and the police don't believe her"-routine. She does it great. And I absolutely love seeing George Sanders playing a vicious Nazi, just as convincing as ever! But to put it short, this ain't nothing that we haven't seen before. I have to agree with critic, Dan Callahan, that it gives an impression that it was shot during a single weekend, or something like that. They certainly could have put some more effort into it! The plot reminds a lot of HItchcock's Rear Window, but keep in mind that this movie, actually came first! So DO watch The Mad Miss Manton or Rear Window, rather than this, and you won't be disappointed. I think Witness To Murder, today, is mainly for Stanwyck-fans.