24 Solo

24 Solo

24 Solo follows 24 Hour Solo World Champion Chris Eatough on his quest to a 7th consecutive title. This rare glimpse into the personal life of the sport’s most successful 24 Hour racer is a rollercoaster of energy and emotion. The film balances action and emotion with commentary from the biggest names in mountain biking.

24 Solo follows 24 Hour Solo World Champion Chris Eatough on his quest to a 7th consecutive title. This rare glimpse into the personal life of the sport’s most successful 24 Hour racer is a rollercoaster of energy and emotion. The film balances action and emotion with commentary from the biggest names in mountain biking. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stuart B (au) wrote: There is a reason why Paul Tanter is one of my favourite UK Indie film makers. This film is one of them. To write a fictional film based on a true story is a wonderful think to see and this film came out of nowhere and was a treat to see a new generation of actors enter the world of Paul Tanters films.

Marcus L (us) wrote: A must-see for fans of the Norwich-based tat reviewer and the British YouTube scene in general and a good watch to those that would enjoy a low-budget, but pretty--big-laughs indie comedy film.

Alice S (nl) wrote: Fiery, loud, and funny! Everyone in the Rizzo family harbors secrets: smoking, stripping, stealing. They're hinted at in cute, little montages, and then they explode in a huge, Greek climax that shouldn't work in a creative writing sense, but the humor and absurdity of it all is a juggernaut that compels the audience to just roll with it.I only know Andy Garcia from "The Godfather III" and "Will & Grace," in both of which he played tough, smarmy guys, so I was really impressed with his insecure, sad-sack dad/wannabe actor. I'm always a little bit annoyed at Emily Mortimer - so dainty and puckered - but even more so in this film since she gets all the quirky, pretentious lines. *Spoilers* Furthermore, I watched this movie again on DVD with subtitles on, and they indicate that Molly changes her British accent to American preceding her confession. I couldn't tell the difference at all when I saw this in the theatre without subtitles, which makes me wonder how Mortimer gets cast for so many American roles!

Hector B (fr) wrote: An interesting documentary on what is arguably the most prolific of all fonts.I fear though, that in trying to fill out the 90-odd minutes of film with more than a handful of talking heads, Hustwit lost track of a possible bigger message/idea of social conformity/freedoms with the democratisation of design in the last decade, in favour of throwing the semi-intelligent ramblings of young, hipster designers into the mix.Still, the film works as an excellent primer on typography and type design for the masses and should have most people seeing the world of the written word in a more open-minded way.

Brian C (kr) wrote: I saw this the first time when it was called Severance, or Hills Have Eyes, or Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or Wrong Turn, or a hundred other hillbilly religious cult, lost in the backwoods in a executive holiday paintball movie.So cliched, you could knew what was going to happen before it happened, throughout the entire movie.Horrible.

Carly P (au) wrote: I'm not really into political things, and I generally skip such movies. So it seemed odd for me to pick up a movie with such an obvious title from the rental store. But I'm glad I did! I love journalists, almost as much as I love writers, and this peek into the lives of newsreporters was pretty intense, and entertaining. I loved the relationship between Keaton and Carter's characters. Masterful, in a quietly potent way. The scene with them in the bar, the second time, is enough for me to go out and buy this one.

Daniel B (au) wrote: Bad remake of The Longest Yard

Abdulmalik A (ru) wrote: Gibson keeps this movie afloat.

Breah G (de) wrote: real hard core..the gurl version of godfather..not many people have seen it but it gud.

Alex r (br) wrote: BMX Bandits is a mediocre action film that simply fails to really entertain. Directed by director Brian Trenchard-Smith, this is not one of the director's best films. That belongs to Dead-End Drive-In. I was looking forward in seeing this film, and it started off well enough to be an amusing film, however by the end of the film, everything seemed to fall apart. Smith is a good director, however here makes a film that just doesn't deliver anything truly memorable. The film ends up being quite silly and has that strong 80's vibe to it. By today's standards, it looks quite dated. If you love low budget action films that are quite cheesy, then this is a film for you. This is a film that should have been much better, and it have an interesting idea, but it just ended up being wasted due to a lacking script and bland performances from its cast. The film's biggest problem is that it ends up being all over the place, and it tries to pack way too much content in its short run time. The chase scenes were well executed, but the storyline suffered and I think that if Trenchard-Smith would have focused more on the plot as well as the action, then BMX Bandits would have been a standout cult film. As it is, this isn't his strongest piece of work. I've seen worst films than this, but nonetheless this is a mediocre affair that doesn't demand multiple viewings. Smith has made better movies during his career, even if the film isn't that good, the BMX chases are cool to watch and it's the film's saving grace from being an absolute train wreck of a film.

Clay B (kr) wrote: GO TELL THE SPARTANS (1978)

Shawn W (it) wrote: Really a tragic love story. Infant raised by wolves and working at a zoo as an adult terrorizes the streets of Paris when he has a hard time coming to grips with the fact the girl of his affections is a prostitute. Not good but Peter Cushing always manages to bring a certain level of dignity to a picture regardless of content.

Shaune W (kr) wrote: A true classic comedy. It is still funny over 35 years later. It ranks up there with Animal House. Ted Knight was great and showed his dry humor. It is a movie you can watch over and over and you will notice something new. This was one of my favorite movies as a teenager and is one of my kids favorites also.

AL G (jp) wrote: Excellent movie with an excellent message... just the kind of message our troubled society needs.

Sophie B (au) wrote: Poor even for a chick flick

Joseph C (au) wrote: This one is a classic, and still one of my favorite all-time movies. I never quit laughing, even though I've seen it at least 40 times.

Alex V (nl) wrote: Anthology piece with 3/8s of it being of quality. Valentines Day and New Years being the major highlights.