25th Hour

25th Hour

The filmed adaptation from David Benioff's novel of the same name. Set in New York, a convicted drug dealer named Monty has one day left of freedom before he is sent to prison. Anger, blame, frustration, betrayal, guilt and loneliness are themes on this last day of friends, family, parties, saying goodbye, and setting things straight. A Spike Lee joint.

In New York City in the days following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Monty Brogan steels himself for a lengthy jail term. The New York drug dealer Montgomery Brogan reevaluates his life in the 24 remaining hours before facing the term. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adrian B (kr) wrote: Wish I had never started it our painful to watch although some decent battle scenes.

Sim M (nl) wrote: good attempt at reality vs fantasy crossover - not your usual HK movie fare

Joe W (nl) wrote: I did not know what to expect before watching this film, but I was pleasantly surprised by it! Such an amazing story that went very deep in the events of the civil rights movement. It was upsetting, but I enjoyed it overall! Perfect casting choices as well.

Palina P (kr) wrote: I've read and heard about these post Iraq War stories and the shit ass psychiatric unit before, so it was really hard to get through "The Ground Truth". I give this documentary 5 stars, because the film is made entirely of interviews from the soldiers. The soldiers get to be heard. People who don't know that the military isn't like some cool video game or a fast way to raise money for college probably wouldn't have the attention span to watch this documentary either. Military needs to stop advertising itself in such ways. Those really long Army commercials played before trailers at theaters piss me off. I think the CEO of Carmike should watch this documentary.

Neslihan K (ca) wrote: an amazing love story.. impressive one

Roland M (fr) wrote: Good plot. Minor characters suck

Jim B (it) wrote: I didn't get it. Some stuff was funny in a way though.

Artur B (jp) wrote: [English rate] This movie is a fucking shit...The story is weak, and cant show to me more personality and value. The caracters are weak and bored as well and I cant indetify with them in any moment. This moive dont have a historical relevance either. For me, this movie is very disappointing.

Miguel R (gb) wrote: Broken City has everything a great political thriller needs, but fails to demonstrate it

Francisco C (gb) wrote: Great story! I really enjoy Dennis Quaid's characters.

Harry W (ru) wrote: Yuck, NPH why did you subject yourself to this crap, you're better than this. You know the well has really run dry when Warner Brothers starts bringing The Smurfs and Yogi Bear back from the dead in live action form. Children will not recognize The Smurfs nor will they care. Run while you still can.

Jens T (ru) wrote: An enjoyable heist film, with a good cast, such as the sensual Melina Mercouri, the charismatic Maximilian Schell and let us not forget the other main-cast member, Peter Ustinov, who won an academy award for best supporting actor, makes a remarkable preformance as the poor middle-aged victim Athur Simpson, who's get caught up into middle of a heist. Simpson ey? Topkapi is a good entertaining saturday-night movie, a colorfull movie, literally and when it comes to the characters. Though it's sometimes slow and to many gadget. Besides, it's a movie that you can be glad you saw, I certainly did.

Michael L (it) wrote: A great performance by the whole cast, especially Cameron Diaz as well as a superb soundtrack makes for entertaining viewing.