Business partners Frank and Josh go bankrupt after their dot-com start-up collapses before it goes online. Frank, a bachelor and broke, reluctantly moves back home to live with his parents while Josh, a hippie computer wiz who's married and has a son, is forced to consider the unthinkable - getting a real job.

Business partners Frank and Josh go bankrupt after their dot-com start-up collapses before it goes online. Frank, a bachelor and broke, reluctantly moves back home to live with his parents ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew S (mx) wrote: A unique blend of documentary, alternative history and science fiction thriller, EUROPA REPORT follows a contemporary mission to Jupiter's moon Europa to investigate the possible existence of alien life within our solar system. When unmanned probes suggest that a hidden ocean could exist underneath Europa's icy surface and may contain single-celled life, Europa Ventures, a privately funded space exploration company, sends six of the best astronauts from around the world to confirm the data and explore the revolutionary discoveries that may lie in the Europan ocean. After a near-catastrophic technical failure that leads to loss of communication with Earth and the tragic death of a crewmember, the surviving astronauts must overcome the psychological and physical toll of deep space travel, and survive a discovery on Europa more profound than they had ever imagined.

Daniel K (nl) wrote: 2.5: This is the first post-revolution Iranian film I've ever seen, so I was fairly interesting to see what, if any, differences I would note. Additionally, the fact that I've now seen numerous Kiarostami films made post-revolution and one when the country was still ruled by the Shah offered a potential window into any effects the political climate may have on his work. Perhaps not surprisingly given the somewhat apolitical nature of Kiarostami's work, I didn't note any major differences in the style of filmmaking, apart from what one would expect. The picture is obviously the work of a director not yet as capable as he would become and of one working with far less resources. It's interesting that Kiarostami chose to make a picture about a 10-year old boy from a small town that is willing to do essentially anything to accomplish his goal of attending a soccer match in the distant and glamorous Tehran. The majority of the film is really about the difference between right and wrong. The boy eventually does reach the match, but in typical Kiarostami fashion he sleeps through the match and is left with nothing but an empty stadium. He does have quite an adventure though. I can't say I like the boy or think he'll grow up to be much of anything, but he did provide a watchable character. The only difference I noted in terms the manner in which Iran was physically depicted was the manner in which everyone dressed and groomed themselves. There were few women, but all the men appeared to be wearing quite western style clothing and haircuts. The police officers/military personnel looked much the same though, as did the countryside/buildings/roads/etc. Interesting picture, although it wasn't terribly engaging in some sections.

Ryan C (es) wrote: i thought it was better then the second but the first was better than both

Cody F (ca) wrote: It was alright, but not as funny as all the other live-action Disney comedies.

E L (ag) wrote: In spite of the hustle and bustle of the family dynamics, there's something restrained and subdued about this film. Many themes are touched on, but touched on lightly, without further exploration or explanation. The performances are exemplary, but you may be left feeling slightly unsatiated.

Yana A (ru) wrote: really cool movie, i wish i watched it earlier!!! it did remind me od Carlos Castaneda's writings somehow, and special effects are awesome!!! and fables are awesome too!!!

Deanna B (fr) wrote: I watched it again and the second time wasn't any better than the first time...

Christopher P (fr) wrote: Typical Wesley Snipes style movie. Not too bad - somewhat predictable...

Kevin H (au) wrote: Lots of chemistry between Wilder & Radner but wasted in silly nonsense....

Sam B (ag) wrote: Satirical classic. Its only flaw is that it drags a little in the end.

Paul D (us) wrote: This is a strong western with Bryner as solid as ever with a gun in his hand. Even though all the expected western themes are apparent, it does have a better than average plot.

Evangelos C (it) wrote: An entertaining and thoughtful blend of fun and dark, a true Disney classic.

Kevin W (gb) wrote: Very cute, super entertaining story throughout!