2ND Take

2ND Take

Reclusive writer takes aspiring actress under his wing.

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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
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Reclusive writer takes aspiring actress under his wing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wave C (de) wrote: It's actually quite entertain and strong sarcastic , but the story telling wasn't good enought to made an audience felt the same way as the characters

Larry M (ag) wrote: Andrew Bujalski kicks the sophomore slump "curse" to the curb and delivers a successful follow-up to "mumblecore"'s break through "masterpiece"- "Funny Ha-Ha". The movie itself is more focused and even more anxious and curious about the new wave of mid to late twenties identity crises. A great script follows Bujalski's romantic throw back to the the '60's French New Wave cinema direction. An small little indie gem,

Eriko D (au) wrote: So weird and not understandable. The script goes nowhere.

Anti R (jp) wrote: A shame ! The 18th arrondissement cleared of its minorities to leave the place to France as the FN wants it: that small white bourgeois gnangnan. The only Arab is called Lucien! The success of this film shows well the racism of Rotten Tomatoes. As by some years later, Le Pen Is near presidential victory . Jeunet should hang his head in shame and certainly carries a part of the responsibility for the rebirth of racism in Europe and America . Zero stars, pass by this film and never look at it.

eliard b (us) wrote: i wish this site had a "i didn't want to see it but i did" button in addition to the "want to see it" and "not interested" ones. this was painful to watch. diaz and reeves would have served better with cardboard stand-ins because it'd have been funny.

Chris W (kr) wrote: This is a grim and gritty slice-of-life look at the exploits and downfall of a rowdy gang of neo-Nazi skinhead punks in suburban Melbourne.Starring Russell Crowe, this is the film that elevated from the position of just another up and coming actor with a music career on the side to international star...which in turn then eventually lead him to major notice a few years later when Hollywood came calling. As the gang's leader Hando, he's great. You could argue that this role is just a typical attention bait sort of thing, especially when it allows for some real histrionics, but he pulls it off well, and is pretty convincing and chilling. Daniel Pollock appears as Hndo's right hand man Davey, and Jacqueline McKenzie is Gabe- the troubled junkie that becomes the object of their affection.The movie is fairly light on hard plot, but it's not totally aimless. It doesn't really give too much insight into the seeds of racial hatred, or have extensive character development, but as a glimpse into the Australian version of this particular subculture it is very successful.The film can be quite chaotic and unpleasant, but it's fitting, and the film uses mise-en-scene to great effect to really make this stark and dark wasteland come alive. Seriously, the film plays out like a documentary at times, which I think is one of it's strengths. It does actually have character development, but it seems to mostly uses the neo-Nazi angle as just a thing instead of exploring it fully along the lines of something like American History X.For a low-budget non-U.S. indie though, it is a decent piece of work. It's rough, but ultimately saved by good cinematography, good production/costume design, and great performances, especially from Crowe.

Julius L (de) wrote: Bette Midler and Shelley Long had chemistry. The supporting cast: Peter Coyote, George Carlin, Anthony Heald and Robert Prosky was as amusing as the female leads.

Eric P (mx) wrote: If you like the unlikely mix of Science Fiction and Romance, stunning music. This movie is PURE *MAGICK* !!!!!

Julian T (it) wrote: A suprisingly good monster flick. It will never be confused with grade A cinema, but I found this fun and entertaining. Has alot more to offer than the standard B movie. Actually manages to get some creepy moments and keep the viewer on edge. Doesn't hesitate to cross the line. In 95% of horror movies, dogs and kids are safe and monsters don't rape people, but this one doesn't shy away. The script and acting are about what you would expect from a Corman picture, but nothing that really distracts you. While the monsters are obviously people in rubber suits, they are actually pretty good. The enlongated arms and fish faces bump the creatures up to quite good for an 80's B-movie.The final 20 minutes of the film are pure unadulterated monster movie madness that was exceedingly satisfying for a hardcore monster movie fan such as myself. On top of all the monsters and gore are tons of really hot girls who have no qualms about full frontal nudity, which I also found pretty awesome. A must see for B level monster movie fans.

Chris W (au) wrote: Bresson's approach to the Arthurian legend calls for a stripping down of the regal appearance the tale has taken before. At times brilliant, at others painfully repetitive. Here Camelot is depicted as a kingdom of nightmares.

Simon D (us) wrote: I've not seen many Vincent Price films but was impressed by Dr Phibes. This, however hinted at the fact that he doesn't seem to have many strings to his bow. He plays a disgruntled Shakespearian actor taking revenge on his critics by reproducing the deaths from his plays. I couldn't quite work out if this was supposed to be a comedy or not. You think that any film with Eric Sykes and Arthur Lowe (who's role was shamefully short) would have plenty of laughs, add to that Vincent Price playing a homosexual hairdresser in one of his murder plots and it sounds more of a comedy than a horror but the comedy was not really funny and the horror was pretty good so It was an ok film but, like many other theatre films, was very annoyingly ham.

Lee B (nl) wrote: A rather odd, yet charming little film but I bet you haven't got a swan made out of a yew tree

Christian P (ag) wrote: Vance Irby (Randolph Scott) is a Confederate officer tasked with sneaking a load of gold out of Virginia City and safely to the south. Kerry Bradford (Errol Flynn) is the Union spy trying to grab the gold for the north. Also on the trail of the gold is a Mexican bandit (a ridiculously miscast Humphrey Bogart). Saloon singer Julia Hayne (Miriam Hopkins) is torn between two loves--the south and Bradford. A solid western overall with some nice scenery (albeit in black and white).