3 Avengers

3 Avengers

(1964) Alan Steel, Lisa Gastoni, Mimmo Palmara, Rosalba Neri. Steel and his sword-wielding pals run head-on into the forces of a cruel tyrant. There's a bit more intentional comedy than usual in this sword and sandal opus. All the usual court intrigue comes into play as the bad guys are eventually subdued. If you like lots of sword fighting, this ones for you. Color, 16mm.

(1964) Alan Steel, Lisa Gastoni, Mimmo Palmara, Rosalba Neri. Steel and his sword-wielding pals run head-on into the forces of a cruel tyrant. There's a bit more intentional comedy than ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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harold c (gb) wrote: Outstanding Paraguayan thriller with an intricate plot, brilliant acting and cinematography. I wish it came to the US

Niral G (mx) wrote: It's a movie that revolves around the songs of the movie. Although the songs were novel, I was not that impressed with them. Unfortunately, because of the way this movie was structured, if the songs fail, the movie goes with it. I thought the acting was quite good by all of the actors, and the revolving plot was interesting enough to keep the movie alive, but in the end, poor songs = average movie.

Aaron S (mx) wrote: Very well directed film with it's own style that makes perfect use of it's shoestring budget. Not every performance is great (the scenester kid character could have easily been 86ed), but for the most part, the cast rings true. Larry Fessenden! Spooky stuff, and I can't wait to see what West does next.And on a similar note, whats with the 2 star rating this has on here? Look at the other reviews, mostly from braindead cretins who wouldn't know quality filmmaking if Kubrick shot a load down their throats. Here's hoping for cult-classic status one day.

Jrme B (jp) wrote: Un film qui raconte la rencontre de 2 chinois, citadins duqus, et d'une jolie campagnarde, tailleuse illetre, au milieu des montagnes dans un camp de reducation pendant la rvolution culturelle. Dans une Chine, o toute oeuvre ne mettant pas en exergue l'idologie communiste est censure, les 2 garons vont voler des romans, et les lire la petite tailleuse... Un film beau aux paysages immersifs, o les vrais hros sont le dsir de libert et la littrature.

Doctor S (es) wrote: Well, they tried to make a dark comedy thriller here but the ingredients don't blend properly and takes a left turn too many. Chaplin is a little too naive, but Kidman's delicious Russian accent helps.

Benjamin F (mx) wrote: Aside from Chris Evans and Jessica Alba, the movie has very little to offer to anyone over the age of 11.

Joseph G (br) wrote: man this movie is sooo hard to find nowadays, anyway, i loved this movie when i was a kid, another highschool comedy but with a twist of action

Tamsin K (ag) wrote: Real sentimental rubbish and totally inaccurate none of the imperial family suruived that night at all

Private U (au) wrote: En riktig 50-talare. Stark studioknsla. Specialeffekterna r obetydliga. Bst r den gamla kvinnan. I en biroll syns Lon Chaney Jr som ju r vrd ett bttre de ...

david t (br) wrote: i would like to see this one..

Maddison B (kr) wrote: Blue Ruin is an exceptionally ordinary well executed revenge story. Viscerally intelligent, the stripped down story offers a thrillingly grim unpredictable journey while being oddly endearing. A mysterious drifter's life is turned upside down when he returns to his childhood home to carry out an act of vengeance. Seeking retaliation for the long ago murder of his parents, he winds up in a brutal fight to protect himself and his family. Jeremy Saulnier's 2013 low budget gem refreshingly takes on the classic eye-for-an-eye riff. Cleverly unpredictable, this dark hill billy gothic tale has a sicko sense of humour and truly conquers the significance of less is more. With a brilliant opening, Blue Ruin covers in twenty minutes what most revenge thrillers would spend their entire running time on. Instead following the fallout from those actions here begins the unpredictable journey of our damage drifter, Dwight (Macon Blair). Portrayed brilliantly by Blair, holding nothing back, the raw honesty of his performance dramatically builds the tension complimented with the everyday realism. There is no Hollywood gloss here, just average looking people and clumsy violence. Blue Ruin is a graphic but simple intimate story of a broken man. Taut and refreshingly authentic, Blair exceeds exceptionally as your unusual leading man.

Isaiah H (ru) wrote: Brilliant and devastating tale of the fall of the Republic.