3 Bachelors

3 Bachelors

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Frisby 2 (ru) wrote: A concept & idea that could truly have been successful if it had tried, but instead the majority of the film is more horrifying than it is scary or any good. Much like other horror movies this bad the poster is better & more terrifying than the film itself.

Jerome B (br) wrote: Pleasantly surprised. I kind of expected the worst but it actually wasn't bad at all. Some good ideas, decent filmmaking and just the right amount of Eric & Ramzy's typically childish humour make for a rather enjoyable cinematic oddity. Granted, it doesn't always work completely, as the quirkiness of it all can sometimes seem a little too contrived, but other than that I found it pretty hilarious, in a somewhat fucked up way. Worth seeing.

Frank V (de) wrote: this is bullshit the best part is sid haig but he's in it for about 2 minutes

Hope K (nl) wrote: I own this movie, have since it came out but, never seen it!

Brendan N (gb) wrote: This is based on the director's cut version. The film seems polished and more plot driven, I enjoyed the theatrical cut but this seems more complete. The intensity in the underground train station has never been so perfect. I consider this film to be one of my guilty additions to the library and it sits pretty high on my list. Shame that the film wasn't more successful and the sequels weren't VOD, just happy a polished directors cut was an option.

Sterlin R (ag) wrote: Being a big Beavis and Butt-Head fan, I really enjoyed this movie. It was just as funny as the t.v show.

Jefferson20 D (fr) wrote: Buena pelcula para la epoca, excelente el desarrollo que se logra dentro de un taxi

Sarah A (it) wrote: While it is a little bit on the kinky side, what am I saying! A lot on the Kinky side, this movie made my laugh and laugh and laugh. It is just such good, off the wall British humor.

Manuel M (jp) wrote: algo que hay que ver y entender, para intentar comprender muy poco al ser humano

Adam E (ag) wrote: gymkata is not just a movie, its a state if mind. At first it starts out like a very rushed version of enter the dragon leaving us no time what so ever to slow down. theres some great moves from kurt and his mix of different fighting styles is pretty awesome to say the least. then the story slows down and turns into the running man with different people avoiding traps and each other while playing the game. then in one gore filled and creepy as f*ck segement it turns all weird. looks like a cross between dagon, the prisoner and the fog as the villagers make weird noises and stare through windows while trying to kill kurt, slow mo scenes and heart pumping heard through out it is absolutely mental but loads if fun. then the ending kinda just happens. shame really that the end fight could not have been more instense but to be fair its still a great movie and will whizz by you in no time.

Adam R (kr) wrote: The first in the classic adventure series brought to life thanks to the combined efforts of a talented cast (Harrison Ford in his prime when he actually gave a damn), swift directing from Steven Spielberg, colorful environments, and some excellent action sequences. While I do believe that the ending climax feels a bit rushed, this is still a wonderfully entertaining love letter to old action serials of the 30s and 40s. It's hard to dislike this movie to be honest. Sure you can pick it apart, but you'll be enjoying yourself too much to want to do such a thing.

Brandon T (ru) wrote: Blackboard Jungle is a pretty intense film, and very cutting edge for 1955. It's probably the best "teacher vs unruly students" film I've seen.

Harry L (es) wrote: Slow. Main male protagonist is a typical pompous twit with prehistoric values. Serves him right for being betrayed but it was so out-of-the-blue and weird that the end bit happened where someone or other was killed off. Otherwise, it was alright in terms of style, concept, etc but too fluffy and long.

Mark D (jp) wrote: One of the best fuller films I've seen thus far. No holds barred political crime thriller where the Men are men and the women are broads. Highly recommend

Joe H (nl) wrote: It is a strongly emotional biopic capturing the rise and fall of "It Girl" Edie Sedgwick. Dedicated and tragic performances from Sienna Miller and Guy Pearce make this film definitely one to watch.

Christopher T (au) wrote: Surprisingly very good, as I'd never heard of it before. Smart and witty script. Awesome chemistry between Hepburn & O'Toole.

Rosie F (au) wrote: I found it absolutely brilliant the way the "superheros VS villans" style has been totally turned upside down to create the hilarious failure of a villan: Megamind and the chaos that the city of Metropolis endures as he battles against the picture perfect hero... or two...A definate must see for the whole family

Leigh H (ru) wrote: Why is it, when you wait so very long to see a movie that holds great expectations, more often than not you are only left severely disappointed? The Man with the Iron Fists belongs to a category of film I absolutely love, a genre of martial arts mixed with fantasy i.e.: House of Flying Daggers; Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I really thought this film after seeing it's trailer would fall into the category, so very mistaken was I.Rza (the rapper) wrote, directed and stared in this atrocity to the genre. The story is a common one, little village filled with martial art warriors each with their own technique to bludgeoned and murder their unfortunate victims. The Blacksmith (Rza) is the creator of all of these weapons and his one goal is to get out of the village and rescue his concubine from the Pink Blossom where she is hired to entertain. The Blacksmith for a very long time has made unusual and very over the top weapons for the two tribes that reside within Jungle Village even though they don't get along. Meanwhile the Emperors gold has been stolen and every warrior, gun for hire and assassin will kill for the rights to call it their own.The film begins as they usually do with a big martial art battle to set the scene and show the good from the bad The Jackals and The Lions being the two groups, suddenly rap music sung/spoken or whatever the hell you want to call it is blasted over the top. I felt the heckles on the back of my neck stand on end all in one instance, it didn't fit the scene and certainly didn't add anything constructive to the goings on. Follow that with some terrible voice over acting by Rza himself and already I could feel the seat I was in begin to lose its comfort factor, it was going to be a long film.Perhaps I am far too set in my traditional ways, being a film endorsed by Quintin Tarantino should I really expect anything but the unknown! Then again with what he has produced over the years why wouldn't I expect another spaghetti/martial arts western style mash up?What did follow for the next 30 mins or so is a lot of blood splattering, broken bones, outrageous scenes and the weapons to match, as well as some absolutely dreadful acting. (Rza I'm looking at you mate) Enough of a train wreck to warrant me a bathroom break anyway. However for the next hour I was pretty much hooked, the story began to take form and some real actors were introduced to the screen, actors I actually appreciate and admire. Russell Crowe is very cartoonish as Jack Knife but he does get some fantastic scenes and has a great character to play. Lucy Lui is another one of my favorites, and here she doesn't let me down again as Madam Blossom at the Pink Blossom. Even Pam Grier has a cameo. Bryan Mann does a fantastic impression of David Bowie from Labyrinth with his manga inspired hair and costumes but is very over the top as Silver Lion, not that I feel in a bad way.The choreography of the fight scenes was brilliant as were the set designs and costumes. I did get the feeling I had seen this village before in another film but that only added to the story for me. If Rza stayed behind the camera and filled the lead with.... Anyone but him, I honestly believe this film would be brilliant, unfortunately though, if I haven't made it very clear, Rza is the one problem, his acting skills both on screen and as a voice over. They have left the ending quite purposely ready for a sequel, I really hope Rza gets some advice and listens before he attempts it once again.Rza does his best with his directorial debut trying very hard to emulate Quintin Tarantino unfortunately he just doesn't have skill or knowhow of the master film maker. Perhaps he thought after Django Unchained he would know enough. The Man with the Iron Fists is a fun, over the top bloody mess, something to watch when there is nothing else on. Well worth seeing at least once in my opinion.2 out 5 BanShee Screams.X#themanwiththeironfists