3 Days of Normal

3 Days of Normal

3 Days of Normal follows the story of straight-laced deputy Bill Morgan who is quite content literally living within the quaint boundaries of Washington, New Hampshire. Bill’s stable and rather uneventful life is thrown for a loop when he finds and arrests a woman, Nikki Gold, passed out in her car from inebriation. Unbeknownst to him, the woman happens to be a popular movie actress longing for some normalcy in her hectic life.

A hot, young starlet with a flair for bad behavior finds herself stuck in a small New England town with a rigid, yet endearingly traditional police officer. Sparks fly. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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3 Days of Normal torrent reviews

Shantel D (de) wrote: I thought this was hilarious!! I might be alone, but I would definitely watch this one again!!

Antti R (jp) wrote: Balabanov is on my list of 'must-see' directors, so my expectations were high with this one. Dark and brutal, Cargo 200 offers us a bleak portrayal of the Communist Russia in 1984. As usual with Balabanov, a good deal of knowledge of Russian society is required before sitting this film, but once you penetrate its sensibility, Cargo 200 has a lot to say even outside its historical context. A truly terrifying and original film of political power gone berserk. Another gem from Aleksey Balabanov.

Francisca N (nl) wrote: Also, very fun and interesting!

Shane D (es) wrote: Finally got around to watching this cult classic and I can see why it earns that status. I have a feeling I'd have been better off watching this ironically with others as it was neither here nor there for me.

Randi S (jp) wrote: scottish people are funny and this movie wasn't half bad

Justin L (ru) wrote: Just finished watching this and...wow. Rather lame, but still better than a couple of the others I've seen in the "Elvira's movie Macabre" series. Don't know where I've seen the lead (Zalman King) before but knew I'd seen Mark Goddard (Ed fleming) somewhere...and apparently he was in Lost In Space. I remember watching that like..20 years ago.

Roger R (us) wrote: One of those films I can watch again and again, It is perhaps the story of many people who manage to have one foot in mainstream society, jobs mortgages, perhaps even stable relationships and children, and one on the world of let's just say "night life". My favourite scene is where Frankie woos a fairly uptight school teacher (in whom he successfully awakens her brooding sexuality) and she is discussing the morality of writers, She tells her class she can forgive Beaudelaire his "neurotic promiscuity". Immediately afterwards, Shirley MacLaine (touching and brilliant as the slutty pushover seeking true love) comes to see her in the class room to plead for her chance with Frankie (Dave Hirsh). Seeing the type of woman Dave likes to go on extended trips with it turns out she can not forgive this budding writing talent his "neurotic promiscuity" and becomes her former ice maiden self. We all remember Frankie and Dino for their singing but christ they can act - its a very good film, underrated in my opinion by the Great Vincent Minelli.

Richard D (es) wrote: It kept me amused for a couple of hours.

Kristin O (mx) wrote: I just happened upon this movie one night. I am not fond of musicals at all, but for some reason, I cannot help but smile everytime she sings. I now have it recorded, and watch it when I feel i am losing my path ( which seems to be often).

Johnny F (ag) wrote: This is an awful superhero film, and the worst DC film.

Cornell W (au) wrote: It took quite some time to get to the greatness of this film.

Sergio Andres P (mx) wrote: Worst movie of the year...