3 Dots

3 Dots

Three strangers - Vishnu, Louis, Pappan - who are jailed due to various reasons become friends at the jail. Then they feel that their lost life is being regenerated. Once out of jail all three hope to lead a better life.

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Lydia C (de) wrote: Really not a good film. Actors are great (apart from Josh Radnor who seems to play the same character as his most famous role - Ted Mosby) but there is basically no plot & what does happen is cheesy and unbelievable. If I had the choice again I would pick a different film.

Mark B (de) wrote: Barely watchable. A truly terrible film, with the worst acting I have ever seen. Sarah unbelievably quite enjoyed it - I am hoping in an ironic sense.

Jordan C (br) wrote: Overdone jokes, but it gets the job done.

jarrad b (ca) wrote: generic post apocalyptic no food so there are cannibals movie. Decent premise to start but the rest is whatever.

Sharon S (ca) wrote: Excellent supernatural thriller

Andreas M (es) wrote: Kanske vrldens bsta film! Varje sekund r magi!

Michael T (ag) wrote: One of MGM's least-remembered musicals, supposedly a spoof of spy films; neither Jeanette MacDonald or Robert Young are well-served by the screenplay, although Ethel Waters gets a chance to shine singing "Buds Won't Bud."

Bass 9 (es) wrote: Fine! I admit it. I'm a white woman. Now, on a more serious note: This is how you tell love stories.

Sanjay T (nl) wrote: Gruesome and a little stupid

Brandon S (kr) wrote: Classic blaxploitation film with Rudy Ray Moore as title character, loaded with good jokes, bad jokes, and sex crazed Kung Fu fighting women. What else could you want from this campy classic even features a character called the hamburger pimp!