3 Dumb Clucks

3 Dumb Clucks

The Stooges escape from jail in order to save their father from gangsters and a beautiful gold-digger. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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3 Dumb Clucks torrent reviews

Devin L (mx) wrote: A failed attempt at bringing the hit TV series to the big screen. My advice: stick to the TV show.

Joey S (us) wrote: A few nods to the original movies, including an intro with herbies history, but the movie changed the car and it's persona. If you like Lindsay Lohan or you were a casual fan of the original herbie movies you will like this movie.

Nuno S (fr) wrote: Amazing "little" movie!

Mary R (mx) wrote: I liked it at the beginning because of the jello molds on the walls; loved the set decoration. Story was pure formula.

Martha M (mx) wrote: Just saw this (Sept. 2012) and find it gritty and believable. I liked it.

Xander K (kr) wrote: I liked the moment when Owen met his daughter. Was that payoff enough for the rest of the film? I'm not sure.

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