3 Dumb Clucks

3 Dumb Clucks

The stooges escape from jail when they learn their father, who has just become rich, is planning to leave their mother and marry a young girl. Curly is mistaken for the stooges father (he plays both parts) and marries the girl instead. When they learn that she is working with gangsters who plan to kill their father for his money, they escape and take their father with them.

The Stooges escape from jail in order to save their father from gangsters and a beautiful gold-digger. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Devin L (mx) wrote: A failed attempt at bringing the hit TV series to the big screen. My advice: stick to the TV show.

Joey S (us) wrote: A few nods to the original movies, including an intro with herbies history, but the movie changed the car and it's persona. If you like Lindsay Lohan or you were a casual fan of the original herbie movies you will like this movie.

Nuno S (fr) wrote: Amazing "little" movie!

Mary R (mx) wrote: I liked it at the beginning because of the jello molds on the walls; loved the set decoration. Story was pure formula.

Martha M (mx) wrote: Just saw this (Sept. 2012) and find it gritty and believable. I liked it.

Xander K (kr) wrote: I liked the moment when Owen met his daughter. Was that payoff enough for the rest of the film? I'm not sure.