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Enrique G (ru) wrote: The ending just ruined my week. I've never hated a movie so much in my entire life

Dave C (gb) wrote: The final part of the Millennium Trilogy is an odd beast, Lizbeth Salander is in prison and most of this is meetings and the courtroom.Whilst it is the great unravelling of the corruption it seems somewhat unsatisfying.But as a whole, the trilogy is tremendous.

Private U (us) wrote: Shark Swarm is the ManEater movie i bought. Great movie

Laurel K (us) wrote: Cleverly made; the tension between the couple leads well into the suspense of the latter half.

Sarah (ru) wrote: meh...I'm undecided...

Stella D (gb) wrote: a good early doc made shortly after his death. interviews with his dad, old gfs, army buddies and friends as well as clapton, townshend, lou reed and mick jagger. alot of great concert footage, most of which as been seen elsewhere

Robert S (it) wrote: One of my childhood favorites a timeless classic.

Ryan V (br) wrote: This war film follows three of the men who helped raise the flag in that famous photograph taken on the fifth day of the Battle of Iwo Jima. While the narrative does make room for some uncompromising combat scenes, the bulk of the storytelling focuses on how these young soldiers reacted to their instant celebrity, their exploitation by the Defense Department's propaganda division, and why they chafed at being labelled "heroes". Director Clint Eastwood does his best to make Flags Of Our Fathers an emotionally honest movie. It does lay it on a bit thick in certain scenes, but I still felt that this was a genuine film and I consider it worth seeing. Also worth a look is Letters From Iwo Jima; an account of the same battle from the Japanese perspective that Eastwood shot at the same time.

Taba H (nl) wrote: Kammottava lansimaiselle yleisolle suunnattu Hong Kong-ohjaajan kammotus, aanitehosteet ja sekava editointi, seka taistelukohtauksien kuvaaminen aasialaisille tunnusomaista, juonessa hirveita alyvapauksia, ei pida lahestya...