3 Holiday Tails

3 Holiday Tails

Old flames reunite and sparks are reignited at Christmastime in Florida, but the man is already engaged to another woman so a recently retired couple try to intervene with the help of their dogs.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sequel,   christmas,  

Rod and Katherine Wright are enjoying their retirement in Florida – or so they’re telling each other. Actually, Rod’s been bored with nothing to do, and Katherine misses her kids back home, especially with Christmas right around the corner. At least they’ve made friends with their new neighbor Lisa, who’s a golden retriever fan like them – Rod and Katherine’s dog Jake has three new puppy playmates, Mario, Luigi and Pasquale. But when Jake and the puppies take off during a walk with Lisa and interrupt a wedding proposal, Lisa is mortified to discover the proposer is none other than her lifelong-friend-turned-boyfriend-turned-ex, David. Everyone can see that David and Lisa are meant to be together. Everyone, that is, except for David and Lisa. Now, with David’s wedding approaching, they must decide whether to leave their love in the past, or to give it another chance. With a little help from Rod and Katherine and four lovable pups, it’s sure to be a Christmas to remember. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paula M (ca) wrote: much like the first two but just something a little different.

Orlok W (nl) wrote: Wonderfully Sneeky in its Creepiness--Trippy psychological thriller/horror!!

Walter M (us) wrote: In 1828 Edinburgh, Doctor Monro(Tim Curry) has arranged to have all legally deceased bodies sent to his medical school via a new city statute. That leaves Doctor Robert Knox(Tom Wilkinson) out in the cold until William Burke(Simon Pegg) and William Hare(Andy Serkis), a couple of would-be-entrepreneurs by way of Ireland, show up with a body of their own, with a promise of more to come via same day delivery. But grave robbing is not as easy it sounds, what with the militia patrolling the cemeteries. So, they have to take more extreme methods. In the meantime Hare ignores his addict wife Lucky(Jessica Hynes) while Burke pays closer attention to Ginny Hawkins(Isla Fisher), a young actress. With his first feature film in over ten years, the darkly funny "Burke and Hare," John Landis shows none of the expected signs of rust in the director's chair. Even the sillier bits work, as the movie downplays the gore. The all-female Macbeth also has its place here as the Scottish play parallels the movie's plot. As far as the future goes, the details are not as anachronistic as one would originally think, especially photography, which all goes towards the movie's stated themes of progress and its occasional high cost, well-expressed in a commanding speech. But(and you know this was coming) in trying to understand the motives behind the infamous grave robbers and perhaps show them to be more than one dimensional monsters, the movie goes too far by making them even sympathetic. A good deal of that has to do with the casting of the reliably likable Simon Pegg, who shares excellent chemistry with Andy Serkis, as one of the leads.(Though to be honest, Pegg did play a bad guy in the Doctor Who episode "The Long Game.") In any case, I am sure there are better ways to show how some people do not get what they deserve.

Alistair L (mx) wrote: I like Cult movies, do I really need to see another Zombie movie ... nooo, but 28 Days/Weeks both worked, so why not!

Jeff B (ca) wrote: Far be it for a man to stop and ask for direction but Bonneville charted this reviewer on a familiar but sometimes welcome course, diverted away from a tourist trap called popcorn blockbusters. The movie does not aspire to reverse the effects of Global Warming or end the conflict in Darfur. Rather, in a film age brimming with expensively drawn superheroes and bullet-ridden sequels, it simply sets out to tell an original feel-good tale and does it kinda sorta well. This soul-searching road trip movie does, however, employ a lot of formula and not a lot of dramatic punch, focusing on a largely ignored demographic. In this PG-13-rated drama, a newly widowed Idaho woman (Lange) sets off on a road trip with her friends (Bates, Joan Allen) to deliver the ashes of her deceased husband to a mean-spirited stepdaughter (Christine Baranski). It begins amidst death, yes. But debut writer/director Christopher N. Rowley quickly (and smartly) whisks moviegoers away from this maudlin fog and sets the wheels a-turning early on. Humor proves to be the best medicine and the script injects the action with just enough to douse the funereal setting. The story ultimately conveys that honoring life is, perhaps, more important than honoring death. But the age of the characters makes this lesson timelier. Though far from ?old,? the mature casting rejects any notion that road tripping is only for the young. All involved drive home the point that the search for oneself is a lifelong quest. Unfortunately, the standard material sometimes makes this viewing experience FEEL like a lifelong quest. Bottom line: A road to nowhere special.

Cancelled U (mx) wrote: haha so funny i luv it

Bruno L (fr) wrote: Not Tinto Brass best movie. The plot is simply ridiculous. It's a soft porn. It only shows asses all the time.

Julie H (ru) wrote: the last house on the left

Ross S (au) wrote: Josh Brolin is so young !!

sh E (de) wrote: a different kind of movie with a great message. loved it!

Diana C (nl) wrote: You of my top to see over and over again

Andrey B (au) wrote: Eerie remake that definitely stands on its own, with every aspect perfect in it.

Troy K (ag) wrote: Fun film, but some of it drags on.