3 Idiots

3 Idiots

In the tradition of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” comes this refreshing comedy about a rebellious prankster with a crafty mind and a heart of gold. Rascal. Joker. Dreamer. Genius... You've never met a college student quite like "Rancho." From the moment he arrives at India's most prestigious university, Rancho's outlandish schemes turn the campus upside down—along with the lives of his two newfound best friends. Together, they make life miserable for "Virus," the school’s uptight and heartless dean. But when Rancho catches the eye of the dean's sexy daughter, Virus sets his sights on flunking out the "3 idiots" once and for all.

Two friends embark on a quest for a lost buddy. On this journey, they encounter a long forgotten bet, a wedding they must crash, and a funeral that goes, ridiculously out of control. From the moment Ranco arrives at India's most prestigious university, his outlandish schemes turn the campus upside down--along with the lives of his two newfound best friends. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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darina k (us) wrote: hilarious! akki is such a superb comedian.Really hilarious!Good job!

Issac L (de) wrote: My only previous Assayas' approach is Maggie Cheung's Cannes BEST ACTRESS nabbing feature CLEAN (2004, 7/10), and for most Chinese media, Assayas seems to alway been in an ill-fated personage as Maggie's ex-husband. But his works matures splendidly with finesse and sobriety (from CLEAN to SUMMER HOURS), the latter resounds a similar pace of meditation and quietude as Hirokazu Koreeda's STILL WALKING (2008, 8/10), tackles with a slice of family life, with a contemplation towards the domestic heredity, globalized opportunism, alienated generations and art conservation. In dealing with a sentimental demise of a bourgeoise matriarch, who resides in a suburban villa near Paris with all her uncle's art menagerie and his worthwhile sketching books (apparently he was a renowned painter himself and an unspeakable family secret), Assayas infills an indefatigable stamina to keep all the delicate matters in a civil restraint, the contradiction abounds among three siblings in regard to keep or sell the villa; and the proceedings of donating valuable art pieces has also been a bumpy road; for the elder son, he also has teenage children to worry about, and last but not the least, his abiding remembrance of the past is the most poignant blow to one who can fit into his shoes under the circumstances.The show has never been slid into a thespians' melodrama notwithstanding the fact that its indulgence of a top-billing Gallic cast, a blonde Binoche incarnates a very light-touch casualness as the metropolitan daughter, living in USA and dedicates herself more in bringing the work of art abroad for the international exposure; Renier, the younger son, finds both an opportunity in settling down in China and an exigent situation in which the profit of selling the villa couldn't come as timely as possible. While these two are soon-to-be-goners, without a pinch yearning for their homeland, the liability all falls on the elder brother (Berling), whose true-to-life embodiment of his character anchors the film's backbone in a concrete formality, it is a prickly situation will come about to anyone eventually. Edith Scob, as the deceased mother, whose first 30-minutes appearance contrives to establish herself as an indomitable shadow encroached by the past, when she is gone, something else will be taken with her together and forever, Scob is pitch perfect in her role's demanding of the physical infirmity, an unswerving mind of knowing her time is up and the duty as a bequeather.I have not conceal my preference to this quiet, reflective lifelike imitation than other more grandstanding razzle-dazzle, it is a simple film with a concise message delivered eloquently by the mastery of Assayas who auspiciously shoulders on the privilege of an auteur not only in the French terrain, but also as an international landmark, like many of his precedent compatriots.

Lori B (gb) wrote: I had to start over at the beginning because I wasn't paying enough attention and got lost. This is definitely not a movie you can watch while playing on Facebook. But once I figured out what was going on, this ended up being a pretty good movie. It definitely has some problems, especially in the latter portion of the film, but it's worth a look.

Tex T (ca) wrote: I think many critics missed the thrust of this movie, so to speak. Especially in our time, the pull and demands of religious zealotry, the art of statesmanship (or lack thereof), the value and meaning of a piece of land soaked in blood. It's like most film critics were just too busy that day to take a closer look.

Vince N (it) wrote: True story. At times he fought blind as a bat with a touch of inspiration. Impressive for an American.From 1975 to 1980, Frank W. Dux had 329 matches. He has retired undefeated as the Heavyweight class Kumite champion. He still holds records to this day. Quickest knockout: 32 seconds. Quickest punch in a knockout: 3.2 seconds. Fastest Kick in a knockout: 72 MPH. Total knockouts: 92.

Al N (us) wrote: Crap blaxploitation prison movie. Avoid, its all over the place. One guy though looks remarkably like ODB of the wu tang clan.

Tony P (gb) wrote: Typical Ken Loach film that has all the usual attributes seen from his work over the years.1. A grimy northern England working class location. Check. Barnsley, Yorkshire.2. A cast littered with UK stars from television. Check. Lynne Perrie (Ivy Tildsley off Coronation Street in the 1970s and 80s, Harry Cross off Brookside and the late ex wrestler Brian Glover in a great role as the school PE teacher.3. A rather left wing view of working class Britain. Although the film was made in 1969 and is very dated now. Thirty forty years or more.The film uses its cinematography and costume to add to the grimy feeling of the town.There are some memorable scenes mainly centred in the local school. In particular the Man Utd v Spurs match enacted on the school playing field and the caning of an innocent kid in the headmasters office.If tha wants a reet gud neet instead o watchint rubbish on telly get thi sen watchint this.

Robyn M (mx) wrote: Ok i know JLo can dance thats what kicked off her career but show me somes move i haven't seen her do in her music videos! Richard gere is 2 left feet away from getting the cane, and susan Sarandon where is she? doesn't she wonder where Gere is, shes married to him. I'm guessing Gere thought he was a pro-dancer since his great hit in chicago. This movie would have been better with a experienced cheographer or just not made at all..its slow paced and gives me belly aches!

Ming Siu G (it) wrote: Frankly, it's a bore.