3 Men and a Little Lady

3 Men and a Little Lady

Sylvia's work increasingly takes her away from the three men who help bring up Mary, her daughter. When she decides to move to England and take Mary with her, the three men are heartbroken ...

Sylvia's work increasingly takes her away from the three men who help bring up Mary, her daughter. When she decides to move to England and take Mary with her, the three men are heartbroken ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


3 Men and a Little Lady torrent reviews

Toni B (de) wrote: It's like a low budget diary of a wimpy kid / high school musical / Judy Moody / Ramona & Beezus knockoff movie. I guess it would be great if I was 5 or 6 years old.

Carlos I (de) wrote: Oh my good Lord... that was ridiculous! I mean, I knew it was going to be over-the-top, and it started off pretty hilarious, but jeepers did that get asinine.

Chandrahasa R (kr) wrote: Intresting concept that makes the story a bit of a thriller. The scenes are well executed but the average acting and little concentration to details is the letdown of the movie. NNM still cant act and Bipasha is too busy playing the Damsel in distress to show her acting skills. The movie's pace is either too fast or too slow making it hard to keep up with. All in all the movie is probably worth watching just coz of the concept.

Mayukh B (au) wrote: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Countess N (nl) wrote: Set in Helsinki(my favourite place on the planet), a lonely and sad night watchman gets caught up in a series of events with some dodgy characters. I enjoyed it but not as much as The Man Without A Past.

Viki G (ag) wrote: I had been told for years by friends that when this movie came out that I would absolutely love it, but since it was about Ruby, and had heavy accents ( I'm not a fan of watching movies if I can't understand wtf they are saying! lol) , and most of all it had Elijah Wood in it! When I heard all of that I was dead set against watching it. My friends were so crazy about this movie, they would quote the movie more than most of us girls quote Mean Girls, or as I like to mash up Mean Girls with Dumb and Dumber! Anyway, I was home one day, ( this was in 2009 just to give you some reference) and it happened to be on so I thought WTF, I'll watch it. I have to tell you something? I was in love with that movie! I watched it 3x that day! not only that I bought it that day! I was so very much intrigued by all of the characters and by how they interacted! I wanted to move to England just to watch that go down! I love that sort of violence! I laughed and OMFG did I ever cry my eyeballs out! I was furious and wanted to jump through the screen to kill some people! I watched the sequel to it, and it wasn't too bad, but it doesn't hold a candle to the original! I watched the third on youtube, which is amazing! They released a third, but its not anything to do with the first two! What I'm saying is I'm a sucker for this movie! Also? This brought my attention to the highly talented and OMFG stunningly gorgeous MR. CHARLIE HUNNAM! Who I came to find out is the love ? of my life as the one and only Mr. Bad Ass himself aka Mr. Jax Teller on my favorite show of all time Sons of Anarchy! I suggest that whoever hasn't seen this.. do yourselves a huge favor a go see it! You will not be let down! I promise you!

Justin S (au) wrote: One of the best animated films ever

Are G (de) wrote: sweet romantic movie

Martin B (ca) wrote: this is one of the best movies, no doubt about it. This was my first adult movie and i was 12 years old, and i still remember what i felt that day, great movie. must see

Jussi M (jp) wrote: Ensimminen siedettv Werner Herzog elokuva jonka olen nhnyt. Tmn pystyi jopa katsomaan tuskailematta.

Michael W (br) wrote: It's a heist comedy starring Peter O'Toole and Audrey Hepburn... I think it's impossible not to like it.

Grant S (br) wrote: Ok, but nothing special. Good action sequences but the plot is fairly predictable. Decent performances.

Andrew G (jp) wrote: It's mildly entertaining to watch great actors have to recite terrible dialogue with a serious face. It's also disheartening to know that such a cast was slave to a misguided script, especially when the premise could have made a fun fantasy adventure in the right hands.