3 metros bajo tierra

3 metros bajo tierra


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Cole B (mx) wrote: A film that will entertain children and adults alike.

Emily P (br) wrote: Very good! One of the best!

Swaroop R (us) wrote: The movie is a treat for those who love the 90s Bollywood lovey-dovey movies. It somewhat marks the end of the era of pure love stories.

Matt C (us) wrote: Reading the description of this film, it actually sounded really good. However, upon watching the film, I found it wasn't about a group of strangers talking about issues of life, but rather a group of like-mind liberal atheists bashing morality and taking pride in their immoral and disgraceful lives.

Rowena K (ag) wrote: a very funny(slightly mental) Japanese movie about...yes.. a BOYS synchronized swim team. It involves boys, a dolphin trainer and LOTS of very tight speedo's. Highly homo-erotic and VERY VERY funny. I esp. love the tranny sponsers. Japanese humour at it's best.

Blue J (us) wrote: Great characters, engaging plot, catchy opening tune, and a very memorable anime at that. Highly recommend.

GreatOne W (ag) wrote: Such an underrated film, Simon Birch delivers laugh, love, and tears all in one film!

Gonalo S (fr) wrote: Despite being shallow and not that well put together, Sphere is strangely appealing (no pun intended with the plot itself). Samuel L. Jackson has throughout the years get us used to watching him perform awesomely in really bad movies, this is another one on that list. But this being said, it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the movie. I enjoyed watching it, it's entertaining enough, it's just not a good movie.

TJ A (es) wrote: Everyone has at least one terrible movie that they love, here's one of mine. If you're bored, check out the trailer that facebook has, you'll fall in ninja love instantly.

Josh S (gb) wrote: I liked it. Not every movie has to be serious. It's just a fun movie.

Akshay M (de) wrote: Breathless is a undisputed classic from french new wave moment which really revolutionized modern cinema. Jean-Paul Belmondo was fabulous but the most amazing thing about this classic are it's memorable dialogues, jump cuts and excellent characterization of both leading actors.

Nelson P (jp) wrote: This is a little science fiction gem that goes quietly unnoticed,It's much smarter than given credit for and very entertaining considering a lot of the time Paul Mantee has the screen by himself with a monkey.

Walt W (br) wrote: This is a movie that's light on dialogue and action, yet you're compelled to see the story through. Did they make it? Great way to leave you hanging...

Ryan W (it) wrote: ,,,,,

mark v (nl) wrote: Complete nonsense. Makes no sense with wonderful special effects.

David H (de) wrote: Excellent Psychothriller with a Victim turn into the Hunter and is driven into the same Brutality as her Former Tantalizer.