3 Nights 4 Days

3 Nights 4 Days

What happens when a group of best friends from college reunite after 4 years; a pleasant mix of comedy, romance and slices of life that all of us can associate with. 3 nights and 4 days starring youthful stars like Samir Aftab and Hrishita Bhatt promises to be a surprisingly refreshing change for our recession stricken movie industry.

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Ramiro G (es) wrote: Limitless makes up for its uneven script with a stilysh cinematography that contributes to the plot in a very insteresting way and the charm of lead Bradley Cooper

Timothy F (br) wrote: While it is, on the surface, a film about piano construction, it is so much more. The true focus of the film is beauty in its various forms: music, instruments, and craftsmanship are just a few of the areas explored. This is a remarkably moving story.

JJ W (us) wrote: I usually hate movies that's much more about the process than the actual story. And while Idiots and Angels is definitely more concerned about style than story, the key problem of the movie isn't really its visual sequencing. But rather it's the overly heavy handed symbolism of a concept that is, let's face it, over used and corny. The idea that love conquers all evil and that all a bad person needs is a woman to love is rather dramatically uninteresting and too simple of be profound. The style is charming and you can forgive the over the top sequencing if you get invested in this hand-drawn fantasy. But the ending sequence, that overly fantasizes about love, gets a little too ridiculous for me to take seriously.

JiYoung K (ru) wrote: this Japanese spaghetti western movie doesnt even closely compare to "The Good, the Bad, the Weird (2008)" in all aspects, especially when it comes to the quality of both the plot and the script (Sukiyaki Western Django was packed with weak punchlines) and the acting skills. what promised to be a story of a lone treasure-hunter provoking the long-held hatred and bitterness between two clans turned out to become a mere compilation of "cool" action scenes around which a flat and dull plot was aligned.

AD O (gb) wrote: forced edginess and disgusting at the end, because my mother is a redhead too. but i adore julianne in anything she does. the weak story was saved by BEAUTIFUL shots/editing.

Tara F (gb) wrote: O god i hated it. Laim and pointless in every perspective.

Kendall C (it) wrote: A solid mockumentary!

Jonathan K (gb) wrote: "The sad ending is only because the author stops telling the story. But it still goes on. It's just untold." - Michael Polish

Tim S (ru) wrote: A touching tale of a wayward young man (Damon) who struggles to find his identity, living in a world where he can solve any problem, except the one brewing deep within himself, until one day he meets his soul mate who opens his mind and his heart. Despite the questionable title, this is an excellent film with strong cast all-round. Robin Williams' best dramatic role in a film - in my opinion.

Duncan K (br) wrote: I'm just going to let my middle fingers do the talking for this one.

Rade P (mx) wrote: Bossanova Baby is here

Jimmy P (gb) wrote: How am I supposed to feel sorry for anybody in this movie? I just kept getting the impression that most of them were idiotic and stupid. Even the villains are underdeveloped, they just came off as complete scum to me. This felt like a more brutal version of a terrible high school health class learning video trying to coax it's viewers into staying away from drugs, and doesn't feel like an actual story. Also, hardly even any chemistry between the characters. A perfect example of a noir done wrong.

Johnny T (us) wrote: A crazed pig goes on a killing spree through the Australian outback. When an American journalist is killed her husband arrives to hunt the porcine killer down. As you'd expect from a director graduated who from Duran Duran videos, Russell Mulcahy overloads on the strobes, filters and eye-dart edits like they're going out of fashion. The film has a pretty weak script, and meanders around its plot somewhat. It seems unable to decide whether the antagonist of the piece is the titular boar, or the deranged and dangerous locals Benny and Dicko. As the movie progresses, my despise for this movie started to grow more and more. And why is that? Because the majority of the film doesn't even concern the creature, negating it's presence for the main portion of the film, content to let two separate subplots take over the film, mainly about the conflicts between the human characters. Not even quick cutting fails to disguise the fact that the creature doesn't move very much and is a pretty lifeless model. The oddball nightmare style and Dean Semler's startling visuals are effective but the prop pig and under par acting let the film down. Razorback is possibly one of the most overrated and absolutely the worst Australian film I've ever seen. "Hit The Exits" - [Panned Reaction] These are some of the worst films ever made. These films do everything wrong and do it worse than bad. Audiences should never see this film under any circumstances! (Films that are rated 0.5 or 1 stars)

Simon S (gb) wrote: Street Kings boasts an all-star cast and should be commended for attempting to make a statement about the ambiguity of justice, but it is far too heavy-handed and poorly written to be effective.