3 Nights in The Desert

3 Nights in The Desert

3 Nights in The Desert follows three erstwhile members of a rock band that almost made it as they reunite to celebrate turning 30 years old. Needless to say, a lot of unresolved issues rise from hibernation during this rural weekend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (mx) wrote: This is an adorable rom-com set at Christmas time. Kate has to keep reliving Christmas Eve until she gets it right and the ending is very sweet when she finally does.

Jayakrishnan R (nl) wrote: 87%Watched this on 18/1/16Incendies has a strikingly original story with emotional impact and occasional spurs of suspense and striking revelations, but the treatment is so-so that it unnecessarily treads into art house movie zones by being too slow at all the unwanted portions.

Swarnendu R (nl) wrote: Munich is a masterpiece. Bit slow perhaps but once the story reaches you..

Renee F (it) wrote: Why hadn't I seen this movie before? What a great feel good coming of age movie bringing back nostalgia of skate rinks and disco, hanging out with childhood friends.

Laura P (es) wrote: Del Toro is superbly weird in this film, which is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine.

Mark K (au) wrote: A classic Scorsese documentary from his younger days. A nostalgic look at his parents and the neighborhood where he grew up.

Eric R (au) wrote: A truly underappreciated film. Although I really love the story much more than the execution. Everything worked decent but something was missing for me that would have made it great. A solid film though.

Nick C (de) wrote: Great 80's Horror movie.

Rae H (de) wrote: Really good thriller. Though the acting seems forced at sometimes, it adds to the creepiness of the characters. Reminiscent of "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle".