3 Weeks to Daytona

3 Weeks to Daytona

It's not the machine, It's the dream.

3 Weeks To Daytona is the story of a down on his luck stock car racer with one dream left to hold onto: drive with the best. Unfortunately, with a busted car, zero money, and a bad job, Chuck's limelight could be fading fast. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Trouble B (ru) wrote: Jesus fucking christ I don't care how good the acting or dialogue is if I'm bored to tears for the entire duration of the film

Lady D (gb) wrote: I know that this is a rip-off from HSM but I cant believe that the story came from 3 or 4 other different movies. I appreciate the church theme and Chris is cute too but it just sucks for me. lol.

Joyde G (gb) wrote: bonitinho. s fiquei me perguntando se algum dia a disney vai fazer um filme pas quiana (e pros adultos tambm) sobre gente que batalha-persiste-se-esfora e a se fode no final do mesmo jeito, que n... normalmente assim que a vida funciona, num ?

Damon H (br) wrote: Excellent animation in the black and white style, combining computer animation and motion capture. Gives this film noir an excellent stylistic look. However the story was somewhat lack luster and the ending could have been better.

TinTin P (kr) wrote: Superb acting of everyone in the cast. I've never cried as much on any other movie than in this one....

Joby D (mx) wrote: They really made at least two sequels to Tremors?

Juan A (br) wrote: I saw the movie when I was 5 years old, and I loved it! Everything about it is just great, I think, and I even liked it more than the original and the 1996 version. Glenn Close couldn't be better as Cruella.

Kristi M (it) wrote: It is exactly what you expect it to be. If you're in the mood for a movie like it then here you go.

Lee M (es) wrote: Between a 6/10 and 7/10, Rafelson's anthropological seriousness is beyond question, but considering his '60s roots, his dramatic sense seems curiously unenlightened.

Bobby K (br) wrote: Something of a religious surrealist vision of American Evangelicalism, Wise Blood is a fascinating film with some fine performances and haunting themes.

Daniel H (kr) wrote: Compared to the original movie, this version is more graphic and goes more into what lead up to the killings at the Tate home, with a brief aside to Manson's association with Terry Melcher and Dennis Wilson. This also details Linda Kasabian, the sole member who didn't do any killing but went along with the killers. The portrayals of Manson, Sadie, and the others are worthy of mention, with Jeremy Davies' Manson bringing about a unique scariness.

Michael H (kr) wrote: Though it clearly defies reason, the lively thriller has a fine sinister performance by Carradine and a crazy tale to spin that is strangely palpable. There's lots of recycled footage of Clyde Beatty from the 1932's The Big Cage, where he's taming the big cats.

Roger M (mx) wrote: As much as I loved "Another Earth", I love "I Origins" almost as much. Like other reviewers on here, I wished Brit Marling had more interesting screen time. Brit, you're a great screenwriter / producer with fantastic chops, but I want to see you in the frame. You bring intelligence, daring, and an iron will to every role.

Russ B (jp) wrote: 2/2/2016: Pretty damn funny rom com type movie. A very good, funny cast and a pretty good story.

Jason G (it) wrote: Again a better screenplay than the human-acted editions, but the "boss" battle was a little much.

Allen G (au) wrote: I accept that it possibly just isn't "my thing" but I found this to be terrible. I've seen enough horrors with ridiculous storylines involving Nazis and demons, I can't say that I've liked a single one. With regards to the visuals and atmosphere of the film, just watch the trailers- they are pretty great but as a film it felt like a waste of my time. Condense all of it into 15 minutes (I think it's doable!) and you have a great short but even at only 80 odd minutes it was a real struggle for me to stay interested in anything the film had to offer.

Lucas G (ag) wrote: Absolutely awesome. Great action scenes, great story, great characters. What else do one need?

Shawn S (br) wrote: This is ridiculously funny and the cast is fantastic and does an amazing job parodying themselves (particularly Danny McBride).