3 Women

3 Women

Pinky is an awkward young teen who starts work at a spa in the CA. Desert. She becomes overly attached to fellow spa attendant, Millie when she becomes Millie's roommate. Mille is a lonely outcast who desperately tries to win attention with constant upbeat chatter. They hang out at a bar owned by a strange pregnant artist and her has-been cowboy husband. After each of 2 emotional crises, the three woman steal and trade each other's personalities until they settle into a new family unit that seems to give each woman what she was searching for.

Pinky is a shy young women works in a spa. One day, she meets Millie and they become room-mate. They confront a strange pregnant artist in a bar. Then their relationship is blossomed after three woman must undergo bad days in their life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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