30 år har gått, kamrat!

30 år har gått, kamrat!

30 years after the mine strike in Kiruna, Sweden.

30 years after the mine strike in Kiruna, Sweden. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


30 år har gått, kamrat! torrent reviews

Lance C (mx) wrote: If you are comparing this to James Bond (as many of the reviews seem to do), then I'm not sure you can call yourself a film critic. This is actually an extremely well done film, though subtle. The use of music and cinematography work together in amazing ways to build on an emotional theme that is engaging and uniquely subtle for films these days.

Leland B (br) wrote: A very interesting subject is given a substandard treatment in this dull and overlong doc that relies heavily on animated paintings. As with the incredibly awful Dear Zachary, everything that's said must be accompanied by a related image. That's lazy film making for lazy viewers. Needlessly narrated by one of today's worst young actresses, Dakota Fanning. I'd like to see a better film maker tackle this story.

Marcos S (it) wrote: Incrvel a habilidade dos membros da Academia em ignorar timos filmes.

Ian C (jp) wrote: A never rated this but decided to give it another go.As a black comedy it is great watching unlikeable scum get their just dessert. Really weird stuff with Slater and his father. Their relationship and ways of communication was freaky. Good chemistry between Ryder and Slater and the former is great as the homicidal maniac.

Daniel C (us) wrote: Everyone knows this is the best Rocky film. "I will break you." Classic.

The M (kr) wrote: Not my favourite John Waters film..

Myles M (jp) wrote: The beginning of my long running obsession with Jane Fonda - feminist film disguised as a paranoid thriller. CLUTCH classic.

Alan C (ca) wrote: It starts off simply enough. A pilot crashes near a nuclear bomb test site, wakes up with an odd scar, and wanders back to his base. Then he retells the story of his abduction by aliens who live underground and grow giant insects. The aliens are hilarious people with ping-pong ball-eyes, which often look like they're looking in different directions.All this plus Peter Graves makes this film a true-sci fi cheese classic.

Maj G (de) wrote: Pretty okay, very Sherlock Holmes. Watsons shines as a sidekick!

Emod L (es) wrote: 93%A classic on every level, Dumbo succeeds as entertainment for both children and adults.

Russ B (gb) wrote: 5/26/2016: Pretty much what I expected for a Bean film, but there weren't as many laugh out load moments compared to the series and the first movie.

Riff J (ag) wrote: A classic. Terrifying and scary beyond belief. It may have some lulls in it, but I think they are by design on order to accentuate the accompanying scares. Very well done!

Alexander Z (es) wrote: I can tolerate the premise, but not the shoddy execution.