30 Beats

30 Beats

A summer heat wave and a series of sexual encounters connect a group of New Yorkers.

A summer heat wave and a series of sexual encounters connect a group of New Yorkers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam J (de) wrote: There was only one actor in the movie that could act. The camera techniques at times are shocking, the inmate trying to rip off Hannibal lector was shocking and should never ever be hired for anything again! even advertising, the idea that, the asylum was built a few years ago is ridiculous as the halls are really really old.... and built on the Amityville horror house, why I carried on watching I don't know, I was probably just curious as to how much worse this film could be!! having reached the end I found myself writing this to warn both watchers and anyone thinking of hiring any of the cast apart from the Russian guy or the little girl ghost!! would be fools!!! terrible film!! shocking that it was allowed by amityville to even go ahead let alone bare the name!!

Kevin M W (kr) wrote: I love Rachel Weisz, and was glad she got this opportunity to bring to light one of the truly inventive thinkers of antiquity, Hypatia, long forgotten in most curriculum. Unfortunately there's another tale here, that of nascent Christianity versus the vanishing paganism of the day. That'd be a good movie too, Christians as not so nice mob murderers. The mash up though doesn't have enough attention for both and so both stories are ill served, and so are you, the innocent viewer.

Georgian S (nl) wrote: This film, tells the story of Frank(Statham) being put to sleep or framed to so that the Frank has a band on him. It seams that he was asked to do a job in the first or second film, and he refused. And as such his past has come to haunt him. So as such he is now under surveillance with a bracelet.While there was plenny of action in it, no doubt, and the skills as I said in the previous sequel is spectacular. However with this sequel, I found the plot slightly confusing. There was the Minister, his daughter, then the guy who was with the daughter at the beginning, and the baddies. Now I can't connect the baddies and the Minister. To do with Environment????

Huw G (ca) wrote: Not by any means 'so bad it's good', but actually smart, low budget fun which is surprisingly better than you expect from its genre, and a whole lot better than reviews say. It's absolutely full of plot holes of course, but the satire, effects, and references are all decidedly above average. Even the script is mostly good. The only real weak point is some of the acting being a bit flat or off, the downfall parody scene in particular falls considerably short - there probably just wasn't the money for enough takes. I can only guess that the hugely negative response to the film is solely down to it's lack of reverence for the USA, but that's extremely unfair - this isn't in any way tiring yank bashing for the sake of it, but being a central theme naturally makes them the brunt of numerous jokes. Oh well, their loss. I hope the cult scene ultimately makes this as successful as it deserves.

Tucquatroioi D (gb) wrote: When you simply watch it, you may find interesting or fascinated, sometime ambiguous with the story of longtime relationship set so effective in the period of about 1h30 in the manner of "real time". but when you try to pull the meaning out of it, it can be a true masterpiece of 2000s. rating may change.

Paul D (de) wrote: Well, better late than never! Just watched this for the first time ever. Have to say that the story is really great, however I do not think that the music was as good as in previous Disney features of the era. Still, it is beautifully animated and is worth a watch.

Matas M (gb) wrote: sondrome de estocolmo! siameses disecados! pa la risa!

Terry E (mx) wrote: Great true story! Four of the most known gangsters and how they got started.

mohammed n (jp) wrote: iiiii love prison break ..!!allllll season.......

Brandon W (nl) wrote: I'm not much of a fan of Jason Statham's films, but the film that I wanted to see that kind of stands out from his films, is Crank which I was a bit excited to see how insane it can by, and it definitely exceeds my expectations for the good and crazy side. Jason Statham is really good in this, and it's cool to see that even he knows how crazy this film is which then he goes kind of over the top. The plot is ridiculous, but the film knows that and tries to have a lot of fun with it which if it took itself seriously, the film would've failed. The characters are enjoyable to watch, and the action is over the top fun. The movie takes a break for a few moments which is good and would allow the viewers to take a breather. It had a sweet chemistry between Jason Statham and Amy Smart, and even the film goes over the top with the chemistry that brings out a lot of laughs. There never comes a moment that was boring as it brings a lot of good jokes that would get the fans laughing. The villain is pretty funny of how he is basically a whining guy that wants Jason Statham's character to die, and the film gives enough backstory that actually makes me care for the main character. Crank is definitely not for everybody as it can get a bit graphic or just too fast paced for viewers to probably handle, but Crank is surprisingly a great time for fans and non-fans that I actually want to see the sequel, and I want to see more films like this with Jason Statham in it.

Rebecca W (jp) wrote: This movie was awful. The front cover had nothing to do with the movie. You never saw a city in fire or helicopters. He never held a gun while holding a child looking over a burning city. They just sat in a cabin the whole time. Very dissapointed. Waste of time.

William O (kr) wrote: An eye opening lesson for the man of steel...awesome movie

Ross P (nl) wrote: Pick this one up. The video game short is the best.