30 Kamlung Jaew

30 Kamlung Jaew

Ja, a beautiful woman has everything a woman is supposed to dream of having; a successful career, a partying lifestyle, and a handsome sweetheart. On her 30th birthday, Ja finds her perfect...

Ja, a beautiful woman has everything a woman is supposed to dream of having; a successful career, a partying lifestyle, and a handsome sweetheart. On her 30th birthday, Ja finds her perfect... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dacre T (kr) wrote: I wont say anything, you watch and decide.

Luh N (it) wrote: This movie is very good to watch.

Kseniya F (jp) wrote: now need to read the book and re-watch Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

Deusdedit D (es) wrote: En teora es un detrs de cmaras que aparecen en el material adicional de toda la filmografa del maestro. Pero tiene un toque sentimentalista por mostrar opiniones de colaboradores y amigos; Un poco larga para una persona comn y para un fantico de Kubrick pues no hay mucho que encontrar nuevo, pero su obra y vida continuar siendo un deleite para dems generaciones.

Richard C (kr) wrote: I've seen a lot of demented movies in my day, but this one must rank up there near the top. Absolutely bizarre, twisted and bewildering. Shot in black and white. Story involves a private eye searching for a girl named "Laura". Suffering a gunshot wound, he collapses on the doorstep of these two hussies. Well, actually he collapses because one of them pistol whips him. Then she has sex with him. While he's unconscious. And just as she climaxes, she sticks her fingers down her throat and vomits on his face! Ha. I must give credit to the actress who played Laura, Meredyth Herold, she plays this outlandish character with a lot of verve. Crazy, crazy movie, you really have to be in the right kind of mood to see something like this.

Danny O (ca) wrote: I lost 20 IQ points while watching this movie.

Deborah M (de) wrote: Obtuse, with too many flashbacks without sufficient backstory or details to make the characters resonate. The ending is not satisfying.

Eric J (kr) wrote: Takes a while to get going but quite enjoyable. Awesome cast. Similar to "Mission Impossible"

Harpreet S (mx) wrote: In Peter Glenville's "Becket," Peter O'Toole plays a young King Henry II and Richard Burton is Thomas Becket, a Saxon who is highly intelligent and a very dear friend of Henry. Eventually Becket is made Archbishop of Canterbury by Henry himself, so Henry can have control of his kingdom and the church, however a rift in their relationship arises because Becket puts God ahead of his King. Without trying to spoil too much, I don't think the director adequately shows us what really made Becket turn to God, we know that he has but not precisely why; what I'm trying to say is I think Richard Burton's character isn't as dense is it seems to be, Burton does his best to fulfill his duty as an actor. Peter O'Toole as the spoiled, outrageous, love-sick King Henry completely overshadows him in character and performance. O'Toole has the privilege of showing countless emotions while Burton is handcuffed in reserve. The story is quite simple even if it involves royalty, it's basically about a man who loved a man, who loved God. I prefer the younger Henry of "Becket" over the older one of "The Lion in Winter."

Michael L (mx) wrote: Bluebeard-influenced film noir? Count me in.

Patrick W (de) wrote: I definitely didn't see the plot twist and ultimate driving plot point coming in this one. A crew has to survey the return of the ship the Event Horizon years after its disappearance. They encounter the force that created the disappearance still onboard. Very interesting concept for what could happen when humans attempt to develop space-time warp drives. Worth seeing even with the extremely creepy ending.

Jon B (br) wrote: Just what we were looking for and I'm so glad we ignored the critics in tomatometer as usual.

Deeyn M (kr) wrote: Well, not in a few hours. But yes.

James M (us) wrote: Rubbish horror film featuring a group of thick characters who deserve everything they get