30 Minutes or Less

30 Minutes or Less

Two fledgling criminals kidnap a pizza delivery guy, strap a bomb to his chest, and advise him that he has mere hours to rob a bank or else...

Nick is a pizza deliverer who lives a fairly ordinary, boring life, until he crosses paths with two aspiring criminal masterminds, who kidnap him, strap a bomb to his chest, and inform him that he has mere hours to rob a bank or else... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tatsuhito K (us) wrote: A heartbreaking and emotional film about loss and moving on. Although the second half of The Broken Circle Breakdown is not as strong as its first half, and it is scattershot in terms of what message it's trying to convey, but overall, it is a well-crafted movie with very strong lead performances. It's tragic and not an easy film to watch, but it's worth seeing.

Campbell P (ca) wrote: When I first heard about For a Good Time, Call I was interested because I thought it could be a funny comedy with a surprising heartfelt twist. I was unfortunately wrong and let down. The story follows Lauren and Katie who at first hate each other but when they are forced to move in together they start a phone operator line and they become closer friends and discover the better things in each other. What makes this film such a letdown is for one thing this film didn't make me laugh once, well in a genuinely laughable moment, some moments were bad funny. I'm supposed to be laughing given that this is in fact labeled as a comedy. The thing that really made me dislike this film is that it has little to no heart put into it. It felt like someone just threw together an idea for a story and just made up plot points as filming progressed. There's no time to establish a touching plot because there's just an idea on the table that nobody bothered to touch all at once. The characters don't really have any arc or learn anything from the film except that you can like someone if you get to know them. That's pretty much all that I learned watching and they learned acting. This is kindergarten lesson material and honestly really lazy writing. The acting wasn't bad though actually, the two leads were pretty good and fun to watch as they grew closer together. What was terrible was Justin Long's overacting gay character, it's so cliche and it wasn't even funny. There's a difference when a gay character in a movie can make you laugh versus a gay character that's just kind of offensive in a way. Nathan Lane in The Birdcage is a good example of this. The ending of the movie was kind of stupid if how rushed it felt. Lauren meets up with Charlie who doesn't even matter at this point and Katie realizes she loves her and they get together after she has sex. Come on, that felt super out of place and unnecessary to bring Charlie back into this who was overacting too. For A Good Time, Call is a big disappointment given of how unfunny and nonsensical it was. The two leads are the only shining part of this film. D-

Alex S (br) wrote: From the director of Assassination Games comes something even better with Van Damme as a mercenary who gets hired to look for someone's daughter who gets kidnapped, pretty much looked at as a rip off to Taken but a lot of action films have used the same storyline (Commando, Man on Fire, half of Steven Seagal's filmography) and this is definitely one of the better ones. The quality of this film is very good despite being a DTV film.

Well A (fr) wrote: Filme leve, delicioso e simplesmente encantador! Owen Wilson faz o perfeito alterego de Woody Allen, com seus trejeitos e questionamentos, e todo o elenco est impecvel. Fotografia belssima! Quase uma carta de amor arte.

Ivan S (us) wrote: Totally thought of and prepared, thIs movIe creates a vIsIon of strategy and maneuver in a movIe.

Josh S (fr) wrote: Not bad for a kids movie.

JP N (fr) wrote: Not sure if I entirely got this film and it might require another watch, but anyone who has seen this can recognize that Tilda Swinton did an excellent job in the role.

Shantel D (gb) wrote: Kinda meh. It had it's moments, but it was sort of all over the place.

Stephen E (br) wrote: I really don't remember much about this film other than I really liked it. And I don't really care much for musicals. Fred Astaire is the man, when it comes to movin' your feet. The guy had true talent and he displayed it so gracefully on screen that it almost seemed to mesmorize you as you watched him dance around. A rather entertaining film with a rather entertaining spin on the whole "Red Scare" epidemic of post WWII America, this film should be checked out by any fan of classic musicals or great 50's films. Three and a half stars out of 5.

Sarah F (ag) wrote: i would like to see this

Robbie H (de) wrote: My God, was Casablanca......a ripoff?

Michael R (kr) wrote: An ageing Sean Connery returns to prove that this really is "his" franchise. starting strong with a great "Bond song" Diamonds are Forever is sometimes silly, but it is as entertaining as most of the better installments of the series. His last official film in the franchise Connery goes out with a bang, instead of a whimper.

Daniel C (gb) wrote: A strange look into 80s filmmaking

Pasha B (gb) wrote: The most depressing god damn movie I've ever seen.

Jessica F (it) wrote: Although the movie stayed true to the book in some areas, the parts where it didn't were a little confusing. Being all about how Bilbo begins his journey I can say having the first scene with Frodo, leading to a flash back was a interesting touch that I liked a lot. I would recommend reading the book over watching the movie only because there are three movies that are each two hours long. For some one like me who already has trouble watching one movie, that's something difficult the do. Being that all three movies are about only one book, I suggest watching this one and deciding weather you want to continue with the other two. Despite a few bumps in the road, I do recommend this movie because even though the action is at a minimum it still appeals to sci-fi lovers and action lovers too.

Paul D (mx) wrote: It's long on dialogue, but the script for this love triangle is kept interesting throughout, which is a testament to the six writers abilities.