30 Years of National Geographic Specials

30 Years of National Geographic Specials

Celebrates 30 years of televised specials by The National Geographic Society.

Celebrates 30 years of televised specials by The National Geographic Society. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


30 Years of National Geographic Specials torrent reviews

Garrett S (mx) wrote: Boring. If you've seen Amadeus and are hoping for something remotely similar...look elsewhere.

Jim J (au) wrote: Var det en komedi man tittade p eller? =P haha Vilka missar p sina stllen i stunt och actionscener... vad sgs om ett skott snett upp i himmelen som konstigt nog trffar mitt i brstet p en kille lngre bort som stendr... mlskande kulor kanske? ^^ haha

Gen A W (ru) wrote: Really good movie, even I had trouble following it because of the accents. This movie gets brownies points for having kjesse Spencer in a speedo for half the time.

Andrew C D (nl) wrote: Such a painfully missed opportunity.

Emil K (jp) wrote: This is perfect example of film that is more concerned of it's visual outcome than the actual plot. It is such a mess that it is actually quite hard even to say what it wants to be or to say. There are subplots after subplots and absolutely nothing where to root into or anyone to care about. Vincent Ward who is the director/writer of this film was having clearly a bad day while making this one.

kara (de) wrote: and agen orlandooo !!! xx

Mike M (ca) wrote: One of my all-time favorites. Wes Anderson interviews Bogdanovich on the DVD. Wes Anderson directed Moonrise Kingdom. Coincidence? I think not.

Naomi M (de) wrote: ever heard of baby jane ?!

Shaun B (us) wrote: Good story but overlong and tries too hard while wearing some obvious influences from better directors and movies.

Gavin C (us) wrote: A few fair moments, but all in all just another 'scary' movie with lazy editing and nonsencal dialogue on the kiler's part. Also, making the main character a bulimic with an annoying-as-hell scream wasn't very wise.

Brian C (ca) wrote: By far the worst found footage ever made. Why is this even in the 'Amityville' franchise. It could have been any house. The acting was atrocious, it wasn't scary at all. Frankly, it was just loud and annoying.