Two obsessive-compulsives, a chef and an anorexic writer, are neighbors in an apartment building. The chef (301) tries to entice her neighbor to eat with fabulous meals. The writer (302) ...

Two obsessive-compulsives, a chef and an anorexic writer, are neighbors in an apartment building. The chef (301) tries to entice her neighbor to eat with fabulous meals. The writer (302) ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Samuel S (nl) wrote: i liked it, but i feel like it would have been a lot better if Shane Didn't star in it, being behind the camera is best for him

Darren C (mx) wrote: really wish I didn't see it. my eyes are still burning

Pathrik J (ru) wrote: After overcoming the first chock, I think I figured this one out. This is, in fact, a new genre, "gore comedy porn". Because all it contains is lesbian orgies, retarded redneck men and women's breasts. Oh, and blood , drinking of brains through straws and a complete lack of acting skills. I guess it's great if you like all of the above, however I don't.

Sharon B (it) wrote: I liked this slightly less than Cremaster 2 in terms of narrative, but the aesthetics were equally gorgeous. At first, I thought the use of Serra was trite, but I liked seeing him on screen.

Andrew R (us) wrote: It's ok for a quick laugh and obviously if you want to get all the references in "Not Another Teen Movie" then you need to see this one as well.

Max M (ru) wrote: While Carnosaur 2 is nothing great but it's better than the first, it is still a fun to watch low budget Dino creature feature. The plot of Carnosaur 2 is about a group of technicians who are sent to this underground mine facility whom which they find more than a power outage they find killer dinosaurs who kill them off one by one, carnosaur 2 has some same plot elements loosely based off from Aliens(yes that movie) such as the kid from the beginning who was the only survivor,a scene in which a raptor kills a woman in a helicopter etc. For a low budget film Carnosaur 2 has decent special effects done by once again John Buechler,and has a decent story. But I can't recommend this film to anyone because one this film both on VHS and DVD are both very hard to find and two this may not be everyone's cup of tea. Anyway carnosaur 2 is not a great movie but it is still enjoyable

AM Q (br) wrote: Read the synopsis!! REAAAAAD IIIIIT. Now tell me you DON'T want to see such a weird-ass movie.

Naomi G (ca) wrote: An underlooked at film that is one of the best movies produced in the '70's. Roy Scheider is a member of an elite police task force in New York City, whose anti mob objective becomes complicated by now needing to protect the mob bosses from some officers in Scheider's own department.. A more popular movie is the earlier The French Connection, but The Seven-Ups is unhindered by Hackman's lack of acting ability and the earlier movie's intensely boring and nonsensical plot.The gritty realism of urban crime in The Seven-Ups is unparalleled. And it contains the best car chase Hollywood has ever made, much better than the boring Bullit chase or Hackman's attempts in The French Connection. That is if you like a realistic car chase and not one that seems more suited for Star Wars.

Jose D (de) wrote: Cine en su ms pura expresin.Un film muy disfrutable con sus casi 4 horas de duracin, gran exponente de las relaciones entre hombre y mujeres, la constante disyuntiva entre el amor, amor-sexo, atraccin...El personaje principal es un joven parisino, de tinte 100% narcisista, deambulando las calles, cafpteras, esgrimiendo sus pensamientos sobre situaciones sentimentales, sus amores ( ms de uno ), convive con una mujer mayor, ama a otra.Se plantea un conflicto de pasiones entre la divisin entre sus vinculos, hasta el punto de convivir con ambas damas.Los dilogos no tienen reparo a la hora de ser directos, unos hablan directo desde el corazn y otros desde el raciocinio.EUSTACHE nos sumerje en esta trama que deja hipnotizado al espectador, es imposible no seguir querer mirando, desentraando estas historias.10/10

Robert G (kr) wrote: Guys and Dolls is a fun movie to watch. I hear there is a remake in the works that is trying to get Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the leads. Who know if the remake will actually happen, if it will be a musical of if the cast will change if it even gets made. As far as the original goes, like I said it is fun. I am a big Brando fan even if he can't sing. He doesn't sing much after all. I am not much of a musical fan, but if you like me you'll find yourself with a smile on your face while watching this movie.

Manny C (br) wrote: Amazing to think that this romance about a woman infatuated with an Asian was made in 1933, and directed by Frank Capra of all people. But just because Capra gave us all-American classics like Mr. Smith Goes To Washington and It's A Wonderful Life doesn't mean he wasn't a director interested in being innovative and being provocative. Indeed The Bitter Tea of General Yen (starring a young fresh-faced Barbara Stanwyck) may not be Capra's most well-know directorial achievement but it is arguably his most bold and daring story. It's rather dated, and even borderline offensive, but Birth of a Nation it is not. Worth a view.

DeAndra (ru) wrote: This movie is hilariously funny. I love it.

Alex S (gb) wrote: Good sci-fi thriller, better than I expected.