303 Fear Faith Revenge

303 Fear Faith Revenge

An investigation into a student's suicide results in several students being stranded in their closed school.

A group of students investigate the mysterious suicide case of an honor student. That leads them into the horrid situation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


303 Fear Faith Revenge torrent reviews

David B (de) wrote: Dull, dull, dull. Pointless and stiflingly boring.

Greg W (nl) wrote: good story of friendship & loyalty amongst the new generation & my 13500th review!

John R (nl) wrote: One star. That's it. This film is bad, bad, bad. Yes, there are some great MMA stars in here but watch them in the cage, not on the screen. And I'm a big MMA fan and this film just plain sucked.

Natalie L (mx) wrote: It was a really good story-hated the ending but it was like a Bollywood version of Romeo and Juliet kind of. Had great action kept me on my toes and a very good love between the two main characters-dont see that very often. I loved it

Khaled M (us) wrote: Handsome & creepy film, Repellent & Alluring in equal measures. Twisted and sick but you won't move your eyes from the screen.

Mathieu R (us) wrote: No really interest in this third movie. No new ideas, no surprise, I didn't found the Kitamura magic of Versus....

Goodwin L (nl) wrote: very good movie! Love the twist plot at the end.

Xochitl R (kr) wrote: Awesome , sad in some parts but really good

Dane P (nl) wrote: Probably one of the slowest animated movies I've ever seen. The story is very scattered with many moments of nothing happening. The fade in and outs are beyond irritating. Its a shame too with nice animation, promising premise and neat realism. Though this isnt as dark as many would say more uneventful then anything... Its not that bad so I wouldn't say avoid like the plague. Just go into it expecting something very slow

Jess L (br) wrote: First I was amazed I had missed this Judy Garland film for so many years... then I was amazed at how much I enjoyed this film for so many other reasons than Judy Garland's performance. From the enchanting musical numbers on their incredibly large scale to the tragic sub plot of Shiela's demise which was surprisingly dark for a film of this nature - Ziegfeld Girl was a treat to discover and is definitely one to revisit.

Prince Aldrene E (us) wrote: Annoying SFX aside, what I liked about Jug Face is its effort in trying to make something unique and intriguing.

John G (ru) wrote: Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure was one of the remarkable Disney Fairies movies to be done. It talks about the story of the friendship between tinker fairy, Tinker Bell, and fairy dust keeper Terrence. When the Moonstone is crushed, it is up to Tinker Bell to solve the problem, and this is to find the Magic Mirror that can grant wishes. Will she be able to succeed without the help of her friends?