'305' is a mockumentary detailing the misadventures of five not-so-brave members of the Spartan army charged with guarding a seemingly ordinary goat path. But when their actions lead to the death of King Leonidas and his army of 300 men, the five must find a way to redeem themselves and save Sparta from invasion.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English,Persian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:number in title,   spoof,  

A mockumentary detailing the five almost brave Spartans charged with guarding a goat path. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


305 torrent reviews

Joshua L (ca) wrote: A big tear jerking doc with a very good message about our troops.

sham t (ca) wrote: really some times u just leav it to GOD

Jussi K (mx) wrote: Just when you thought there is no hope, you were right

Brian E (gb) wrote: This movie was a great insight into the problems of addiction mostly about alcoholism and how it affects the people around. The chemistry between Garcia and Ryan was just amazing. This is not a typical love story cause it shows what they have to work on to help each other and in the process find love again for each other. One of my new favorites.

Mike B (ag) wrote: Has some powerful moments and fine acting, if a bit misguided.

Janetta B (us) wrote: This movie is funny no matter how old it is...

Senor C (ru) wrote: More grindhouse then Planet Terror & Death Proof combined it's also a blatant ripoff off. For those who are fans of the modern grindhouse it's actually pretty good even though even if it does make you question your involvement now & again. Some incredibly bad CGI thrown into the mix that I wish they just hadn't bothered but some of the films ideas exceed its budget limitations. It's damn lucky that it's funny. It even has porn legend Ron Jeremy in the cast even though he's only in it for about a minute & a half. Even though I gave it the same rating this is actually more enjoyable then Hobo w/ a Shotgun

Charlie G (fr) wrote: An aging guardian of a gate between realms dies and a warrior replacement is always chosen. Since the alternate realm doesn't have advanced weapons they call the guardian a magician.

Carlos R (ag) wrote: Nowhere near as bad as everyone keeps saying it is. Andrew Garfield was a great choice for Spider-Man, and he fits his character very well.

erika r (us) wrote: basically an excuse to use irving berlin songs, vieled under a thin plot...entertaining nonetheless.