Five carnival workers are kidnapped and held hostage in an abandoned, Hell-like compound where they are forced to participate in a violent game, the goal of which is to survive twelve hours against a gang of sadistic clowns.

It's time to play 31. On Halloween, they are thrown into a sadistic game called "31" where they must survive 12 hours against a gang of maniacs dressed like clowns. The day before Halloween, five carnival employees are kidnapped & held hostage in an isolated compound known as "Murderworld"

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Users reviews

Augustine H (jp)

The use of Greek drama is credited as its uniqueness prevents the film from being too clichd. Delightful and relaxing to watch. Woody Allen has always been a life lecturer, and this time he actually plays a lecturer, directing the way of an innocent hooker to the correct way he himself believed in

bill s (fr)

An action fantasy for kids where the adult viewer with enjoy but soon forget

Brandon D (ag)

he beginning was kind of boring but it got much better! I want to see the next movie!. This movie was really good

Dan A (ru)

. . . So who is the skin-a-max reject ( or graduate) starring in this? Crap movie

Duncan K (au)

The absolute worst of the Pauly Shore movies and that is saying something. Unbelievable

F B (ca)

The perfect rainy day matinee. One of the best. His remarkable ability to fuck for hours without cumming brings down the third reich. Ilsa's sado-masochistic experiments to prove to Der Fhrer that women are stronger than men (and her insatiable sexual appetite) come to an abrupt end when a strapping young american is brought to her camp. Just as delightful now as it was when I first saw it 30 years ago

Jay A (kr)

Featuring Blood, Guts and Gore but had some Flaws on the plot and the Victims are so interesting, flat and boring but overall this prequel made Leatherface pure Badass!

Jonathan L (br)

we think. . . Fuji. Something about Mt

Joseph W (es)

Particularly loved Voigt being eaten by the snake with an inside view. Good fun. A movie worthy of Sci-Fy channel's B Movies, but with a huge budget. Takes inspiration from the latter and also from Cannibal Holocaust, and a smidgen from Jurassic Park. It's so painfully dated that it makes it quite funny, Jon Voigt in a b-movie Deliverance. Having not seen this and watching it when it was 17 years old, I think this was a great watch. Just watched for the first time

Justin B (nl)

Denzel s performance may be the only thing this movie has going for it. Similar to something like Law Abiding Citizen ripping apart the legal system; poking holes in American healthcare is certainly a worthwhile topic but when it's handled with such a broad, black and white mindset, it comes off as pandering. Blunt and simple minded drama given the direction of a made for TV Chuck Norris, DieHard ripoff