A story of a man threatened by a fatal illness evaluating his life (the number 322 in the film title stands for the diagnosis of one kind of cancer). He understands his illness as a form of punishment for his cruel deeds in the 1950s. In the face of reality and his efforts to cleanse himself he hits a barrier of indifference, lack of interest, and individual and collective selfishness. He has to find his own reconciliation with his illness and his past and present life.

A psychological drama of the illness of an individual and the illness of the society. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mohamed A (ru) wrote: Well crafted film by Prabhu Solomon, didn't knew while watching that Vikram Prabhu is the grandson of Sivaji. Although its quite early Vikram seems to offer a lot of promise . The movie has a great script and music by Iman is commendable. A very good family entertainer I specially like the role of sidekick Kothali (Thambi Ramaiah). Well done team Kumki!!!

Derek D (ag) wrote: I thought it was excellent. I highly recommend it.

Matt M (it) wrote: I don't like the girage

Nate J (br) wrote: I feel like I just wasted my time watching a film supposedly unrated by the BBFC which should be reviewed as an art film. Even then, it's not great. There are long shots intercut with speedy bursts of images throughout which provide more of a headache then anything else. There's no real narrative and worst of all, what the hell is a Bunny Game. Not explained, other than some shit about pigs and rabbit whores. At the start I thought "yeah looking brutal already" but a few rape/sex scenes and a snippet of coke sniffing does not justify a sick movie. It's crap, don't bother!

Gita M (au) wrote: hahahahahGreat humor

Alejandro F (au) wrote: AMO a Bette Midler !!!!! Extraordinaria.

cli o (us) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Gordon T (au) wrote: Classic Alien Terror that loses us viewers in certain spots. The Boy's father is kidnapped by THE ALIEN and returns as THE ALIEN (he inhales carbon monoxide and eats snake-eggs). I have the soundtrack by Harvey Davenport and its a great electronic score (on a relative level) From the Producer of Nightmare on Elm Street, Detroit Rock City, LORD OF THE RINGS (Robert Shaye)

Eric B (ru) wrote: Call this one an interesting failure. "Stereo"'s minimalism is compelling -- the film is black and white, and entirely silent (not even music) except for intermittent narration by a variety of speakers. The story involves a scientific study which induces telepathic bonds between a small number of subjects. Sexuality (both hetero- and homo-) comes into play as an enhancement of the telepathy's potency, and eventually this has a side effect of physical violence for reasons which were not all that clear to me. The flat, academic narration becomes a chore to process after awhile, and its intense, deadpan concentration on "big words" hinders efforts to pluck out the central plot advancements (which the visuals can't communicate on their own) . Still, the cinematography is stylish and the emergence of Cronenberg's favored techno-sexual themes is notable.

Stephen R (nl) wrote: and of course this the best...stanley kubrick showing what makes a director great as far as shot composition and so much more...with the legendary Kirk (im far more dynamic that my son) Douglass a terrific anti war film simply one of the best ever made

Calvin A (ag) wrote: i hated this movie , a disgusting movie that uses 2 genres i can't stand (exorcism and found fotage movies) seriously this needs to stop