32nd December Love Error

32nd December Love Error

Through a mix-up both Note and Joe has a joint medical examination. Because of this Joe establishes a bond with the more hesitant Note. Note's problem is a rare disorder that gives him ...

Through a mix-up both Note and Joe has a joint medical examination. Because of this Joe establishes a bond with the more hesitant Note. Note's problem is a rare disorder that gives him ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


32nd December Love Error torrent reviews

keona m (gb) wrote: Why do they ruin everything with a sequel!

Scott W (ca) wrote: Typically good documentary from Herzog. I like how his docs always have filmaking style to them and this is no different. Oh yeah and the topic itself is very interesting as well. It does drag a little at times though.

Graham D (jp) wrote: Let's be clear. This is not a perfect movie... but it's pretty fucking close!!!

Paul D (jp) wrote: It had potential...but it failed. Not enough style or substance. The actors were not horrible though, too bad they didn't have better material to work with.

Jackie C (br) wrote: One of the best batman movies period.

Fabio V (ca) wrote: I enjoyed the film, even if it wasn't scary (and some of the fight scenes seemed a bit misplaced). But putting togheter all the pieces with the given hints made up for it - at least for me. Especially after watching the movie a second time (a year later) and noticing some hints in the drawings. Personally, I'ld have prefered to not read the title cards in the beginning, since they just spoiled a bit too much. It'ld have been fun to put it togheter while watching the movie, instead of already knowing that they're supposed to be some sort of noah's arc.

Jake C (fr) wrote: Lol ... This was genius

indigo s (gb) wrote: Some of the cast are amazing. Anne Hathaway isn't.

Jason P (mx) wrote: Not bad. Nice mood and atmosphere, but a little too predictable in a TV drama kind of way. That remote viewing stuff is interesting and freaaaaky, though!

Brandon S (de) wrote: As a great admirer of Kubrick's work, "Eyes Wide Shut" had me at a bit of a quandary. On the one hand, I'd like to simply classify it as a movie about the temptation of sex, and thereby dismiss it. On the other hand it's also a movie about love. But not in the traditional sense. We're never really given the impression that Cruise and Kidman's characters actually love each other, all we sense is anger and resentment with any feelings of love coming out of feelings of obligation. I think this movie begs the question: is love something of the heart or the subconscious?It also has a lot to say about dreams, given that much of the film feels like a dream, at times even a nightmare. Kubrick paints a picture of our lead characters that is relatable, but also beyond reason. Which further drives home the point that it could all be a dream. The whole film is lit with this fantastical, hazy lighting which is all very theatrical and over-the-top, commonplace in a Kubrick film. But the only time that we have simple lighting is the moments when he's in his bedroom with his wife. One particular scene when she wakes up from an erotic nightmare.Thematic material aside, this is great filmmaking. Kubrick is one of the most skilled artists to ever grace the silver screen, and this is a fitting swan song for him. It has beautiful, lush visuals, layered performances, beautiful cinematography, a score that will stick to your ribs, and a plot that explores love and sexuality unlike any other.Overall, much like recent films like Lars Von Trier's "Nymphomaniac" or Derek Cianfrance's "Blue Valentine," if you watch this movie simply for the sex than you've completely missed the point. This isn't simply elegant pornography, it's a work of art that is puzzling and tough.

Wil R (mx) wrote: Movies about making movies might be intersting to those who make movies but they are not to me.

Michael T (ag) wrote: Warner Bros. dark, moody adaptation of the best-seller is exemplary drama and contains Ronald Reagan's best on-screen performance.

BATNERD FOR LIFE (fr) wrote: If I could define this movie, it would be sad! My mom won't watch this movie again, it's that sad! The part where they drop the boy at the Christmas Pagent is frickin torture! Cary Grant is awesome, of course. Watch this movie but, if you can go through this film without one tear, get your eyes checked.

John A (us) wrote: Although Patchy In Places This Is A Strong End To The Original Casts Adventures. This Is Definitely A Fitting Farewell And Is Much Better Than The Previous Film. The Plot May Sound Absurd But With It's Decent Script And Mediocre Performances It Shapes Up To Be An Entertaining Film.