35 and Ticking

35 and Ticking

Centers around the lives of Victoria, Zenobia, Clevon, and Phil -- all friends approaching the age of 35 and struggling to build the families they've always dreamed of. While Zenobia (Nicole Ari Parker) is still looking for a man, Victoria (Tamala Jones) is married to a man who doesn't want children. Clevon (Kevin Hart), meanwhile, is too geeky to get a woman, and Phil (Keith Robinson) is already married with children, but his wife is not very interested in being a mother. All four of them try to rectify their romantic lives and futures while their biological clocks tick away.

The film centers on the lives of four friends: Victoria, Zenobia , Clevon, and Phil who are eager to control their families as their hope. Unfortunately, they have to face many challenges which make them trouble for example: Victoria gets married with a man who does not like children while Zenobia can not find her Mr right. Ultimately, Will they find something which they dream of while their biological clocks go past? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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J M (ru) wrote: This was an excellent movie - both realistic about challenges of living as a quadriplegic but inspiring to see how both men bring out the best in one another and poke fun at the serious things in life. I normally am not a fan of foreign language movies with subtitles but this one is worth it.

Dan M (fr) wrote: the premise of this sounded pretty good, and it was decent for a while too, but it felt really rushed in the final act so the ending was a bit meh.

Brent D (kr) wrote: One of those low-budget/little-cast movies. It's not horrible, but there's a certain tedium about it and the ending doesn't really feel properly justified.

Peter B (gb) wrote: An all star cast in a really interesting story about secrets, radicalism, and journalism. The movie has an incredibly slow pace but I didn't mind that. What I did mind was the unrealistic Hollywood ending.

Ole J (es) wrote: I read about this movie and had expected something more, it had some funny moments, but it wasn't enough to make it all good.The quirky characters are great and the telling like kind of a diary or in this case essay is workig very well for it.

Christopher S (ag) wrote: You wouldn't think they could make a movie worse than the comic strip, but they somehow pulled it off.

Joyce T (br) wrote: A film about an extraordinary event, or more accurately events on the front of WWI, "the war to end all wars". Ethereal music, especially Stille Nacht & the new version of Ave Maria. In fact, Joyeux Noel is a hymn of peace on earth. The tendency is to compare it to other war films such as All Quiet on the Western Front, but it's not in the same genre - "Universal human goodwill transcends national dogmas"Joyeux Noel has become one of our Christmas favourites.

Gary T (ru) wrote: I saw this a a couple of years or so ago and could never remember the name. So glad that I tracked it down so that I can watch it again. It's was good enough that I made the effort as its an excellent movie.

Anna B (es) wrote: Another underrated Walter Hill movie. Once you get past the rather clumsy setup the plot is pretty tight, with smart, interesting characters (so refreshing to have bad guys who aren't complete idiots) driven by fun, pulpy performances and strong, atmospheric direction from Hill. The ending is weak, and the video-camera segments just annoying and gimmicky, but overall I really enjoyed myself.

Steve C (jp) wrote: Would've been an okay period piece if it had been 30-45 minutes shorter. Was a bit repetitious with the glass breaking and the candle snuffing.

David J (ca) wrote: "Nausica of the Valley of the Wind," having birthed Studio Ghibli, may be an important piece of animation, but, with a convoluted environmental message and some crudely-drawn creepy-crawlies in tow, it's no masterpiece.

Laird J (gb) wrote: An interesting, highly flawed effort. A pretty typical "guy on the lam from the mob because of a debt" story is infused with existentialism and arthouse pretensions that were in vogue at the time. Not that that's what's bad about this movie. It just feels a bit more forced than something more loose and freewheeling from America like "Hi, Mom!" Warren Beatty's performance is a bit stiff, but there's some interesting photography and great humor to be found in the mess.

FilmGrinder S (mx) wrote: 58%"There is no way out."-The Old Man (Maurice Bernard)

Glenn M (br) wrote: Finely acted and produced film. Don't let the B-Movie'esc title keep you from seeing this one.

Gabe C (ru) wrote: Ehhhh.... Kinda cute. 5 out of 10