A photographer loses the images needed for a filmmaker's (Sivaroj Kongsakul) new movie.

Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit’s experimental film consists of 36 static camera shots that tell a story of how we store memories in the digital era. Sai, a location scout working for a studio, takes pictures whenever she’s working and stores them on her computer. One day, she finds out that she has lost all the files saved on her laptop and sets about trying to restore them with help from an old friend, Kai. The film hinges on Sai’s missing photo files, but the main character is not a person: Memories stored on digital devices and disappearing old buildings are the main characters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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tommy j (ag) wrote: since the critics all batch this movie I was going into this movie thinking it was going to be pure junk but man it was one of Eddie Murphy's best movies the critics have been so wrong in 2016 let's just hope 2017 there a little more right I thought Batman versus Superman was a very good movie The Suicide Squad was excellent I even like meet the Joneses there was so many movies that the critic Bosch for no reason

Aron R (es) wrote: Has a few funny moments and it's fun to watch the weird shit that happens, but the film isn't even about Hesher and only two things happen. Very tough to tell what the point of it all was...yet somehow it weirdly had an emotional payoff. Very weirdly.

Pete S (jp) wrote: A living, man-eating, shape-shifting car killing off a group of people trapped in a parking garage made for an entertaining flick. Better than I expected.

oxana (au) wrote: After seeing "Category 6" just a few days ago... what a disappointment.We have a new set of characters, whom you start to familiarize with only in the second part (who they are, names, family members, ideals, connections...)The plot is weaker. It dashes forwards, and the scenes just keep flying back and forth. I especially hated the camera work during the action (few seconds from here, few seconds from there) and strange, "artistic" decisions that really made the scene not better, but worse.It's also strange to me how a city-wide black out actually saved Washington DC when Chicago, in the previous part, was destroyed when it was powered out already. Maybe they explained it at some point and I didn't catch the difference, but that really seemed like a big inconsistency.The special effects were, if possible, worse. I can live with that in a movie like this, but when the general structure, plot, and acting were so much worse than in "Category 6", I was utterly disappointed.Not a total waste of time, but it feels so much worse next to its stronger prequel.

Tanvir M (fr) wrote: While 'inspired' by Memento, it brings in the particular brand of Bollywood and South Indian flavour to it, with its colorful songs and dances and an amusing love story gone tragic. Aamir Khan went on spectacular body building regime for this movie and that shows in how muscular he looks. Even at 3 hours running time, it never feels long and that is the success of the film. Very enjoyable.

Konrad A (au) wrote: This is not the best one. There is not a good plot to this movie because the mice make up there own story on Cinderella and the story keeps changing

Emma T (mx) wrote: I've watched this over and over again!

Andrew B (mx) wrote: Why is it that the majority of rotoscoped films are really boring when rotoscoping is so dang cool?

Deric T (ag) wrote: Weird, wrong but amusing.

John D (kr) wrote: It's kind of like a British, PG-rated version of Hostile 2 filmed entirely outside. Oh yeah, and don't count on any "Darkness" in the literal sense; the movie takes place during the day.

Todd S (kr) wrote: Life in a Highland Regiment... and Sir Alec Guiness goin' over the top.

Charles T (ca) wrote: Really funny, with a touching ending.

Matt G (au) wrote: Frailty is not only ABOUT dogmatic religion, but actually sort of imitates dogmatic religion. The mystery, which piles red herrings on top of red herrings, leaves us knowing both more and less as the story is grippingly revealed. Paxton directs with calm assuredness, and he casts himself and everyone else perfectly. A really cool suspense story about proof, fatherhood, mental illness, authority & fanaticism.

Wes R (mx) wrote: A really funny old comedy from director Billy Wilder. Dean Martin is fantastic in this. If you are a fan of screwball comedies of the past you will enjoy this

JeanPol C (us) wrote: This film is bad and far too exaggerated