36 Hours

36 Hours

When his wife stops writing to him and his letters are returned unanswered, Dan becomes extremely concerned about her welfare. He returns home but is only able to meet with her briefly before she is found murdered. Dan is the obvious suspect but has only 36 hours to find out who murdered her. In so doing he uncovers a shocking catalogue of his wife's past affairs and an identity that he knew nothing about.

An American pilot AWOL from the states is framed for his wife's murder and has just 36 hours to prove his innocence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee H (gb) wrote: Just OK. It's tough watching people not believe the main character through the whole show. Plus the fact there's a time shift doesn't explain everything going on.

Brett W (mx) wrote: Beautifully shot but very slow.

Ritwik M (br) wrote: a historic love story which created history

Paul Z (it) wrote: Kerrigan's films construct realms of individual engrossment. Characters on the brink pursue children they believe will endow them with much-needed contentment. The substance of Keane frees Kerrigan to burrow numerous formalistic capabilities with film that are scarcely seen in more mainstream cinema. And they are immensely effective. The film was shot with a hand-held camera with single takes lasting up to five minutes with no cutaways. It contains extensive periods of little to no dialogue and has no musical score except the sounds of place, of confusion, of buses roaring to and fro. We see mostly obscure, unfamiliar and remote city streets, marginalizing poor Keane. The film means to be a shakingly sensory experience, and is.

Ana V (de) wrote: I know i seen this movie when i first came to american and these kids was cuter and the girl was prettier but i guys not. but i still love it!

Nicholas R (ca) wrote: A cheesy Godzilla movie, but a really fun one! The monster effects are really good, and the fights are great!

Cassandra M (fr) wrote: Obviously, this sequel is nowhere near as good as the original 1958 film 'The Fly', but despite obviously being a cheap follow-up and working from a story that basically just rips off the first film, there are some good ideas here and the film is definitely worth watching. The only actor to return from the original movie is Vincent Price, but the story does lead directly on as in true horror sequel style, in this film we follow the fortunes of the original scientist's son, who naturally decides to follow on his father's experiments. Price isn't the only thing that was recycled for this film, however, as the film was apparently written to incorporate sets from the original, although this does make sense considering how the story follows on. The hapless scientist this time is Philippe Delambre, son of Andre Delambre, and a man who has decided to rebuild the transportation device. Along with his friend Alan Hinds and uncle Francois Delambre, they conduct a series of experiments in the hope of succeeding where Andre failed...but naturally, as nothing runs smoothly in a horror film, events take a turn for the macabre...I'm guessing that black and white film was cheap around 1959 as despite the fact that the original film was shot in colour, this one is in black and white. However, I actually prefer films like this in black and white, so this wasn't a problem for me. Vincent Price took a backseat in the original film, but as his star was rising by the release of this follow-up; he gets a more central role, although he still doesn't appear enough if you ask me. His role here isn't one of his strongest, but anything that features a performance from the great Mr Price is well worth seeing if you ask me. It has to be said that most of the performances (and dialogue) in this film are pretty ridiculous, but among the rest of the cast Brett Halsey, an actor who would go on to make Italian films along with this likes of Mario Bava and Lucio Fulci, stands out as the unlucky scientist. The film obviously isn't very graphic; although it's slightly more violent than the first film, and the transporter machine is put to much better use here. The special effects are inventive too, and work well despite obviously not costing much. Overall, this is at least a worthy follow-up, which while not as great as the original; has its moments and is worth seeing.

Julie W (ca) wrote: An unforgettable piece if work. It had some of that rare magic that is evidently hard to capture in filming.

Kimberly K (ca) wrote: I loved this movie! It needed a sequel though!