4 girls out on a 3 days trip in to 2 cities, if they survive. While Jo is working in a supermarket, her 3 friends are all out on their adventures. A chance encounter with diamond thieves sends them on a collision course with fate itself.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:117 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:robbery,   guilt,   police,  

While Jo (Roberts) is chained down in a dead end supermarket job, her friends are all out on their own separate adventures: Cassandra (Egerton) is jetting off to New York to meet her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Sharon W (kr) wrote: Keaton was fine. Douglas looks like he wanted to pickup a paycheck as he put his affairs in order. Reiner should go into rehab asap.

Dylan W (it) wrote: One of the best film noirs ever made and such a perfect film in general. Bleak and beautiful.

Shahriar M (jp) wrote: Starting on 17 August 2011

Lee A (gb) wrote: Meh, I liked it because the main character is a cunt like me.

Henry P (kr) wrote: Good morning/afternoon/evening reader. This information is a review of a Tom Cruise movie that is worse than the early Mission Impossible movies. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read on. Valkyrie opens with German text and dialogue converting to English, from the opening title, to the Nazi oath, and concluding with Colonel Stauffenberg (Tom Cruise) writing in his journal about his views that got him sent to Tunisia: that Hitler is wrong, and must be removed from power for the sake of the world, and Germany (Both of which are Germany's mortal enemies). We open with an air raid that ends with Stauffenberg losing his right hand, two left-hand fingers, and his left eye. After this, he is recruited to join a kabaal hell-bent on deposing Hitler (David Bamber), led by Henning Von Tresckow (Kenneth Branagh). I think most of you know how World War II ended, so for those unlikely few who don't know, I won't say anything more on the plot. The characters, though, are lacking real development or relatability. Stauffenberg has a family that we meet once (as a whole, the wife, 2-3 times), but is never really sold as a family, and as with all historical films, they are focused more on plot and visuals than characters. Not an excuse. The picture is acceptable, as it is historically accurate (Unlike certain comic book TV shows that travel to WWII and omit the Swastika) in the basic (known) events and realistic with indoor smoking and air raids. The Nazis were record keepers, but like the number of licks it takes to get to the tootsie-roll center of a tootsie-pop, there are some things the world may never know (Like how Stauffenberg really interacted with his family, or every conversation in planning word-for-word). The language is presented in English for our benefit, however, if you recall movies about animals that take place in the real world they actually talk in, the animals are not speaking in proper English, rather, we are having it interpreted for our enjoyment. You can just assume that the characters are conferring in German, but it's all presented to us in English (or whatever language you're watching this in) so we don't have to learn German or get confused. As always with Bryan Singer, John Ottman edits, but more importantly, does the score. It does the story service and is placed where it should be. Valkyrie is good, but does not belong among the greats of historical cinema, because the acting is stale, and doesn't feel as genuine as hits like Lincoln. Do not hail this as something to watch for fun, but see it as something to be shown in history class to kill time and learn about World War II.

Mike L (ag) wrote: A very obviously low budget but they did what they could with this one. Aside from being slow paced it was watchable.

IOnell S (es) wrote: Jajajaja estos franceces son muy raros y aqui doblemente porque son gemelos. Todo el viaje esta lleno de situaciones raras y descubrimientos (adornados con alguna bonita fotografia) pero al final no se concreta nada, ni siquiera se llega a estrechar los lazos entre ellos. Cada uno es como el peor enemigo del otro pero aun asi no se pueden separar algo mas fuerte los une. El funeral de la mama al final ni juega ningun papel en la trama. Seria mejor definir mejor la historia.

Valerie F (jp) wrote: You cannot see the food you eat the same way after that...

El U (it) wrote: it funny if only for the crew

Priti P (au) wrote: Saw 'Heroine' coupla days back. Seems that somewhere Madhur Bhandarkar has repeated the same mistake that J P Dutta did with 'Umrao Jaan' sequel. One's directorial sensibility should stay separated from one's getting besotted with the 'muse'. Great directors, amazing heroines, tons of hard work ... still you don't get the 'great cinema' that you look forward to. However 'good cinema' is at least better than 'pathetic cinema'.

George B (br) wrote: Amazing movie.The best war film i have ever seen.Amazing individual performances all round. Must see!!

Nick C (mx) wrote: A underrated, existential Carpenter thriller that evokes Stephen King in more ways than one. Neill is appropriately over the top.

Janet H (ru) wrote: saw it when it first was released - very powerful and moving. Jane Alexander is an amazing actress. Definitely recommend this movie

David J (ru) wrote: Inferior to other Bresson films and radically different from any other Arthurian legend / tale you are likely to see. A cinematic landscape devoid of all "movie-ness", instead dwelling on the inner workings of the minds of the persons involved in the collapse of the ideal of Camelot and the actual Camelot. A little too barren and slow for my taste, even for a Bresson.

Toni S (de) wrote: Raw talent on its way to being exceptional.

Douglas J (gb) wrote: A great play turned into a great film! The acting is top notched and Meryl Streep gives one of her best performances. Everyone is really good and Julia Roberts did an extraordinary job as Barbra! She was a surprise! A must see!

Frances H (ag) wrote: Interesting character-- drivern film about an aging diva's fascination for her assistant which reflects the character she plays, but there is a trap--she realizes as she rehearses that she doesn't really want to take the step leading her to playing roles that reflect her time of life, stepping down from the ingenues she had always acted before.

Ryan W (mx) wrote: The Expendables is quite a "meh" flick the characters really don't hit the mark with the friendship aspect as the banter and dialogue often feels forced and out of place, the story is extremely cliched and has been done plenty of times granted it does have some entertaining moments with some great action.