4 Copas

4 Copas


Diana é uma jovem quase a entrar na idade adulta. Vive com o seu pai, Gabriel, um negociante de máquinas de jogo, e Madalena, a madrasta, ao lado de quem trabalha num cabeleireiro num centro comercial. Um dia, Diana descobre que Madalena não só mantém uma relação secreta com Miguel, o segurança do centro e instrutor no ginásio do bairro, como retomou o seu velho vício de jogar. Para não permitir que a madrasta faça ao pai o mesmo que a sua mãe já lhe tinha feito, Diana decide intervir, aproximando-se do amante de Madalena. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kathleen W (jp) wrote: There's something about CG representations of online relationships that are always incredibly cringe-worthy, but this one is also weirdly engaging. The film is a little segmented as we move pretty quickly from the real world into the suicide room, and don't expect to leave feeling uplifted. Look forward to what I think was an avant-garde representation of cyber sex involving slow fades and a pixelated ocean.

Orlok W (us) wrote: Main Man Max Exceeds His Advance Billing--Good Norwegian action/drama!!

Arlene M (ag) wrote: See Tom run. See Tom strip. See Tom make the same 'good guy duped rogued spy for the millionth time.'See Tom have absolutely no on-screen chemistry with Cameron and Cameron have no chemistry with him. Watching their kiss scenes resemble getting a sloppy kiss from relative.For a 'chiction' flick, the unrealistic scenes and fight sequences made this film a stagnant and laughable bummer.

Tara L (ca) wrote: i dont what it is about this movie that i like, but i do, i like this movie

Austin F (kr) wrote: 72% Chicken Run has something for everybody to enjoy and boasts plenty of entertaining slapstick and action sequences, which is enough to overcome the uneven transitions between comedy and drama.

gustavmarkovic31 (es) wrote: this is such an unessecary movie, i cant stress it enough. some of the kiddie comedy scenes are aimable, but most of it was trash. believe me, it was just pure bullshoddy.

David F (ca) wrote: Glorifying domestic terrorists. Hollywood loves these people.

Jonathan G (jp) wrote: I think it's fair to say that ANY co-star with Danny Devito would make an "odd couple", however Billy Crystal and he have a great chemistry in this film. The 'momma' is so well cast as annoying that you honestly want to see her murdered and would be disappointed if she weren't. Yes- that bad. Entertaining, but not worth watching more than once in a lifetime. Rating: 6.5 / 10

Greg W (ru) wrote: good spy drama that harkens back 2 70's movies with crazy names like ipcriss files etc.

Don J C (mx) wrote: Pryor should of won best actor that year.

Bruce T (de) wrote: Scary how effective propaganda can be.

Jonathan P (es) wrote: Director Nick Casavettes does what so many other directors fail to do when making a movie about bad people, make them likable. Alpha Dog is a gritty raw film based on the true story of a young California boy caught in the middle of a drug feud between his brother and a local gang of miscreants. Even though all parties involved are the lowest form of human beings Cassavetes gave each a charisma that through all the horrible acts the viewer was still able to connect making Alpha Dog a movie that is not only enjoyable but on a weird level relatable.

Gabriel C (us) wrote: Stale plotting and tired gags make Ice Age 4 drift away and never return.

Andrew B (br) wrote: Is Vegas Vacation in the same "classic" category as Vacation and Christmas Vacation ? No. But nonetheless it is still a funny and overall solid addition to the franchise in my opinion. Especially looking back now that they remade the original Vacation with the always unfunny Ed Helms, this movie looks like a pure gem. What I got with this movie was a somewhat predictable and silly movie, yet still funny. I am not expecting Vegas Vacation to be a trump all classic comedy hit, but something to make me laugh when it happens to be on. After a few repeated viewings over the years in my eyes it still stands the test of time and gives me a good laugh when I watch it.