4 Romance

4 Romance

Four different Thai directors offer their takes on love.

Four different Thai directors offer their takes on love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Henning R (us) wrote: This fascinating what-if (or rather when) plot makes for a very realistic disaster-drama. The acting varies from great (Michael Riley) to mediocre, but it's the documentary storytelling and scientific facts and explanations that makes this worth watching.

Anniina M (de) wrote: Tykksin kovasti. Erikoinen juoni (ja loppu), mutta kosketti!

Cheryl L (ru) wrote: Nothing like the first one, quite slow in places and a disappointment.

Ric M (gb) wrote: Not too sure about the RT "miscast stars' header. I found the casting fine. I admit I expected a twist, but not the one that I got. With a few directorial flourishes and development it may have been prime viewing, but I nevertheless enjoyed t from start to finish.

Alexander C (gb) wrote: Funny heart warming drama flick!

Becca D (br) wrote: I enjoyed this movie, you have to take into account when it was made to enjoy it.

Aaron M (jp) wrote: If Vietnam war films are your niche, then this must be included in your catalogue. However, in terms of plot, theme, acting, and cinematography, there are many films that are superior - Platoon, Deer Hunter,Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, Born on the Fourth of July....

Issac C (br) wrote: The Dark Knight is a film about a vigilante named Batman who seeks justice for those who can't get it for themselves, basically a big super dude who defends the defenseless. In this movie Batman comes head to head with a formidable foe dubbed The Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker, just in case it wasn't obvious enough. The Joker plays psychological games with Batman such as, capturing those he cares for, and weakening him at his core by turning those he trusts against him, such as Two Face. Two face is a man named Harvey Dent who once fought for justice alongside Batman, but was soon corrupted by the Joker, who blows the right side of Two Face entire skin to nothing, so basically he looks really fucking creepy. This turns Two Face into a man blinded by his misfortunes. This movie is my second favorite DC film adaption, coming close to Man of Steel. It doesn't try to hide the emotion behind a bunch of hardcore action sequences, it actually manages to balance both fairly well. It doesn't do a BvS either and just have 2 hours of talking and a thirty minutes of action. It lowers Batman down from comic strength and makes him what a human at his peak would actually be. Whereas Batman from everything else manages to crack a human spine with one hand and lift a fucking crate with the other. My problems with this movie is that it is very dark, not as in emotion, you can't actually see what the fuck is going on half the time. It's hard when you trying to watch it in daytime, actually, the first time I watched this movie I then had to re-watch it days later cos I had no idea what actually happened. Then there is also Christian Bales voice. Oh my god, how many throat lozanges do you think Bale went through, He must've done some amount of damage doing that voice fore three damn movies, and it's so annoying as well. All an all this movie is another masterpiece from such an amazing director who I hope continues to make movies just as good as this. And considering how he went with Interstellar and how good Dunkirk he's upcoming film is looking, Christopher Nolans future as a director is looking up as always. I still can't get over that damn voice though.

Mike H (nl) wrote: very worthwhile movie. Good plot, excellent acting.