4 the People

4 the People

Fed up of the corruption all around, four young men form a secret group called '4 the people' and decide to take on the corrupt on their own. They have a web site and eventually gain enormous support.

A group of college students take the law into their own hands to fight against the corruption in the government/society. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gil B (br) wrote: If I could give negative stars to this utter waste of gray matter I would. They should pay me to take stars away from this dogpile. Age of Tomorrow isn't even significant enough to be considered a bad parody of the culmination of the worst movies ever made. Don't watch it! Ever!Really.Don't watch it.

Julien A (ag) wrote: Une bonne poilade, dans un genre nouveau dans le cinema francais, puisqu'ici directement inspire de la veine Farrelly / Apatow.Casting excellent, Chabat comme on ne l'avait plus vu depuis quelques annees et excellent Sandrine Kiberlain dans un second role.Dommage que la realisation ne se distingue pas du tout venant, mais on ne boudera pas son plaisir pour autant.

Kashan P (us) wrote: It probably should not be dubbed a comedy as it is more tragic & somber than funny, but it still has a well delevered if clich message.

Konrad A (es) wrote: I like how Rumpelstiltskin is the new villain in this movie I like how he double crosses Shrek and has them sign a contract saying everything is going to be OK when it's not going to be OK so he doublecrossed him. And there is funny humor in it Rumpelstiltskin was my favorite character in this movie. This movie Shrek forever after is my favorite one I also like how Rumpelstiltskin has a goose name to Fe fe that's a funny name to have but if you like Shrek you might like this one

Jessie K (us) wrote: Even though it's only 6 years old, it feels so nostalgic to watch the first film. Maybe it's because it combines some of the best elements of childhood favorites with an added boost of action.

Jarrett B (de) wrote: Not a bad movie at all, but not the best movie either. The sound track to this film was great though

Guido S (mx) wrote: Matthew Broderick plays a security guard who dreams of being something more, when he ends up chasing some crooks who are stealing some biotech parts and ends up crashing into a Yahoo billboard. He is put together with some of the parts to keep him alive and he returns as Inspector Gadget, who should be called Inspect-her Booty after one scene. This was a lot more vulgar than I remembered it being. The plot is thin and doesn't really do anything and it is not that fun. Michelle Trachtenberg is also his daughter which is interesting. Otherwise, a pretty much wasted movie.

Andrew S (es) wrote: Great film, with good performances from Patinkin & Caan.

Jay F (br) wrote: OH MY GOD! This was such a horrible movie/Gremlins ripoff. I used to rent it all the time when I was little.I think at the end all the Munchies turn to stone and they smash them...??????? I really should rent it.

Shawn W (jp) wrote: A Rolling Stone reporter tackles the "pick up bars of the 80's", health clubs. Only in the 1980's did we get this material. Has better than anticipated character development and Jamie Lee Curtis is in outstanding shape here.

jwasu r (ag) wrote: Unbelievable - has to be seen. Trash cinema with a dope ass late 70's soundtrack.

Arash B (ru) wrote: Insane depiction of insanity, hypocrisy & corruption, Impressive in most aspects

Aaron V (fr) wrote: Maybe the best bond film yet!

Sanity Assassin (br) wrote: i thought it was going to be a bit dull but found it to be very watchable. it was all centered around charlton heston who played his part well. the historical aspect also interested me greatly as it's a time and place i knew nothing of. i could easily watch it again!