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40 Days and 40 Nights

After a brutal break-up, a young man vows to stay celibate during the forty days of Lent, but finds the girl of his dreams and is unable to do anything about it.

After a brutal break-up, a young man vows to stay celibate during the forty days of Lent, but finds the girl of his dreams and is unable to do anything about it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Joe M (gb) wrote: There is a good, maybe even great movie in here somewhere. The problem is that the middle portion of the film, Duran's crisis, is where the movie lets itself down. It gets bogged down in cliches and laziness. In what amounts to pretty much a throwaway line (so much so that I don't even remember it) Duran says that (paraphrasing) he grew up with nothing, was always hungry, and now that he has everything he just wants to enjoy it. Great. But that can't be what the whole second act is and it can't set up his redemption. I needed a little more than that. I should've left this film knowing more about Duran than I did heading in (which was next to nothing, except for "No Mas"). I didn't. For a film that claims to be based on the life of Roberto Duran, that's a problem.

bill s (es) wrote: Sometimes when you take a chance on a film you're rewarded......this little indie gives that and then some.

Coryn M (gb) wrote: I don't know why this movie is considered bad. Personally, it's a favorite of mine!!!

Bruce B (fr) wrote: gotta say I laughed a fair amount. although I am a douchebag. which may explain why I liked this movie. is Robert Mutt a douchebag? this is a journey of a douche-bag, or is it? oh that's deep. out from a mental institue cause being a duche-bag isn't a mental condition, Mr. Mutt is forced to deal with others perception of him, and try to drop the douchbag label. along the way he meets his hero Clinton Manitoba, who gives the most fucked up advice, which Mutt gobbels up like a douchebag. but that's ok, it's a struggle. a human struggle that we can all associate with. well maybe not to much, hopefully not too much

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Andrew V (it) wrote: WARNING: spoilers and nitpickingWell not even the first minute and already My Christmas has turned yellow. The following is a list of problems/nitpicks of this movie.1. The opening song is obnoxious.2. Kid TV? Really?3. Apparently you can now withstand 90 degrees below zero temperatures. Just ask Andy genderson at the North Pole4. A news reported is taking to Santa who shows the reported a toy made by and elf, and then proclaiming that the toy the elf made was his idea of a Martian, and then talks about if their is life on mars5. Martians look ridiculous.6. Apparently Martians forget how to sleep.

Josh B (us) wrote: Not really my bag, but, a decent flick.

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