40 grados a la sombra

40 grados a la sombra

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40 grados a la sombra torrent reviews

WS W (mx) wrote: Inspiring message. Inefficient execution.

Nilesh J (ag) wrote: A pointless movie that is about as bad in every department as any movie any time.

Wilhelm H (gb) wrote: As Hollywood forgot how to compose good, entertaining, thrilling and sympathetic action dramas, the french did not! "Largo Winch 2" proves to be "all that", as it is also very charming. Even Sharon Stone works great. Thoroughly enjoyable and classy :)

Knux E (fr) wrote: One of the best movies I've seen in a long time by these guys. Funny, very good animation, and a good commentary on government if I ever saw one.

Trevor W (ca) wrote: this movie works on so many levels & although it lives in the shadow of DB's (National Treasure) original it's a fine piece of work.

Matthew H (ag) wrote: A real interesting insight, need to get past the topic to truly see the people behind it.


(fr) wrote: when you watch this feel you have the sam feeling that you have when reading Kafka's book

Brandon V (us) wrote: You almost want to praise the film for its sheer boldness. "Breakfast of Champions" is an INSANELY difficult novel to try to transfer to screen, as it is so quirky and random in its own right. This movie does the absolute best job which is conceivably possible, but that doesn't make it any less of an annoying, hyper-kinetic, exhausting mess.

Katie B (ru) wrote: Another silly and stupid Leslie Nielsen comedy. Hasn't he done it all already? After the Naked Gun movies, what else is left? Not that impressed.

Jennifer M (ag) wrote: Classic humor with amazing settings and creatures, it a movie every child should see!

Jeremy H (br) wrote: Fantastic study of different generations - superb acting and storyline

Jared L (us) wrote: Robin Williams is very creepy. You don't hear that very often, but in this film he surely brings the creepy side of him out..

Yousif V (ru) wrote: The absurdity of the period and the celebrity status of the protagonist's masters are the film's greatest strength; however, the wondrous status that the film attempts to employ onto most supernatural happenings comes off as comical- losing most of its impact. - It is a hard film to relate to though, I don't believe there are many films that attempt to visualize the sense of smell the way this film does. Smell-O-Vision would have been a big plus.

Robert M (ag) wrote: This hidden gem is a good find for any fans of the haunted house sub genre. Throws in a few twists to mix things up. The ending cranks everything up to 11.